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    Default One click change and hero armor...

    Ok here is a question, two actually. I figured out a hero has to be mayor AND level 10 to use the +1 gear.

    Now here is the issue. I upgraded some of the gear in one city, and then some of the other stuff in another. (I was in the 'wrong' city when I started).

    So first question is the gear universal? Meaning now that I have +2 everywhere can I use it? Or is it only for one city?

    Which goes into the second question, does a hero have to be level 15 or 20 to use +2 or can it be used at level 10?

    Because I have several level 10-12 heroes but they all show +1. SO answering one question may answer them both.

    Either way I cant add the +2 to any of my heroes regardless of city, so I am assuming they have to be a higher level than 10 to use an y of it. And I dont imagine they have to have a full set of +2 gear either, and that gear can be spread out however it is obtained,

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    1) Hero doesnt have to be the mayor to use the equipment. Gear is universal...if your new city has the workshop level required...similiar to how academies work with techs. Every 10 exp levels allows for higher set of gear so you could have lvl 10 gear and only see lvl 4 equipment because you only have a lvl 46 hero.

    Try this needs a lil updating but for what you need its good
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