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Thread: Possible New Sale Items

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    Post Possible New Sale Items

    For sale or the wheel, Summoning the Clans, it halves the production time of all military units for 24 hours(like Vesta's Blessing).

    Gift boxes are building up, many can't afford $30 for a key and package, so...
    small keybox..contains 1 key..$5.00, not purchasable with cents.

    Large keybox, contains 5-9keys, 1 micheangelo scroll, $30.00

    Box of Industry, contains 5-9 random 7-day production items, wood,iron,stone,
    also $30.00 or 600 cents.

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    I don't understand the point of making something purchasable for real currency but not game cents.

    Why would something cost $30.00 or 600 game cents, when 600 game cents are worth $60.00.


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