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Thread: $$ Transferred to wrong server

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    Default $$ Transferred to wrong server

    Ok so my first time using money for Evony, as I am new.

    This is the first time I have ever encountered a problem with uploading.

    When I was on I loaded the $ like I have for all my previous games, chose game, put information in, etc.

    The money was transferred to 003 server....Not what I wanted at all, there was no option to choose.

    I want the $ to go to Server NA13

    This has been the account I have been working with, the others were mistakes as myself and my wife went step by step through the basics and learned.

    Is there any way to transfer the $ I just uploaded from there to the server I actually play in?

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    I have heard of people requesting the coins be moved to another server account..and it just takes a while...

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    Go to and put in a support ticket. Be sure to include the information regarding the transaction (any transaction number or confirmation numbers given when you uploaded the money). Then explain to them that you wanted the money applied to NA13 and not the server where it ended up.

    It may take a couple of days to be resolved, so be patient. If you haven't gotten a reply or had the money moved after 5 days, send an email to with your support ticket number and the same info you put in the ticket.

    Whatever you do, do NOT try to reverse the payment. If you do, your account will be suspended, and it will be much harder to get things sorted out.


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