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Thread: Server Login Issues

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    I'm on server 6 & getting the server processing error .. can't get on na8 either

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    Default cant log in

    whats up the server processing and all day! hmmmm

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    na17 i cant log in

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    This is ridiculous. there was a lot of lag so i rebooted my laptop and now cannot get back in at all and this is a problem since I have been trying for 1 hr now.

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    There are only 16 members and 32 guests viewing this thread?!?! There should be 100, at least!

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    Getting Server Processing Error on ss9 as well.. oh well, time to clear everything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by b2ryan View Post
    There are only 16 members and 32 guests viewing this thread?!?! There should be 100, at least!
    It's not affecting everyone from what I can tell. I can get onto 4 of 5 servers right now myself, and others can't login if they close and reopen their browsers. Also, a small percentage of people who play the game actually come to the forums

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    Same on 128

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxyBunny View Post
    In order to correct this problem, please do the following:

    Turn off your caps lock
    Adjust your attitude
    Double check that caps lock is turned off.
    I liked this. lol
    No, I am probably not from your server. Yes, I do feel I can comment in your forum. And yes, I do think flaming on the internet is hilarious to watch. Nor do I require an avatar.

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    Default 142.evony server offline??

    i can't log in...anyone here got this prob???is the server prob or what??


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