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Thread: ASMO'S Awesome Age II Guide

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    Staff Icon ASMO'S Awesome Age II Guide

    This guide is a collection of many authors' work and time, both on these forums and in-game and around the web. I really take little credit for it, i saw a need to have this information condensed into one thread. A major thanks goes to all of them for all of their contributions (and/or "borrowed" information) used here, each section where someone's data has been used reflects their name. Please remember if you run across any of those named herein to give them thanks.

    If you are new to Evony and need help that this guide does not provide please see *"Captain Virk's Ultimate Guide" An excellent place to start Or *"Dark Brady's Guide To Battle Mechanics" a fantastic work that every one should read both of these guides are 5 star guides with excellent overview of beginner to intermediate understanding of the game. Please check list of *Critical Links at end the end of this guide for help and reference. If quoting this guide when posting in this thread, please be selective in your quotes, to keep the thread clean and efficient for all viewers. Also as usual this guide is as accurate as possible at time of posting; However, at any time this information may change due to updates.


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    ___Routine Quests:

    Routine quests are more plentiful than in Age I. This time there are additional quests direct from the Queen, if you chose to be a male character, or King, if you chose to be female. Quests are similar in nature to age 1.

    ___Daily Quests:

    There are no new daily quests per say- you receive your amulet, just as in Age I. However upon an alliance member conquering a lvl 14, 16 or the lvl 18 barbarian historic city your entire alliance will receive a gold bonus daily the amount is dependent on the lvl of historic captured.

    ___Hero Quests:

    Hero Quests allow you to donate your military (units) and military feat (medals) in exchange for considerable prestige, achievements and items. This will provide the prestige farming players with an official course in the game.

    To complete the allied quest you have to donate:

    ___ 4,000 warriors
    ___ 3,000 pikemen
    ___ 2,400 swordsmen
    ___ 2,000 archers
    ___ 1,500 cavalry
    ___ 1,000 cataphracts
    ___ 600 ballistae
    ___ 400 battering rams
    ___ 200 catapults

    To complete the military feat quest you must donate:

    ___ 60 cross medals
    ___ 50 rose medals
    ___ 40 lion medals
    ___ 30 honor medals
    ___ 30 courage medals
    ___ 30 wisdom medals
    ___ 20 freedom medals
    ___ 20 justice medals
    ___ 10 nation medals

    ___Commissioned Quests:

    Commissioned Quests are "anti-colonization" missions involving attacking and destroying a target on behalf of other players - effectively a bounty. Once achieved, you then collect a reward (in game cents) if completed within the time limit set by the player. A commission must be accepted within 3 hours of it being issued, and is a great feature for helping others receive coins they might need.To successfully win these quests you must have the highest rank and hero xp out of all those who accepted the quest!

    Achievements work similarly to your academy. Each achievement typically provides a 5% bonus. Achievement points also lead to prestige awards when accomplished.

    ? Scouting ? 5 quests.
    ? Troops training ? 53 quests.
    ? Enemy killing 53 ? quests.
    ? Conquering ? 5 quests.
    ? The hero ? 24 quests.
    ? Medal*acquisition*- 50 quests.
    ? Civilization ? 5 quests.
    ? Resource production ? 35 quests.
    ? Marching ? 5 quests.
    ? The captive ? 5 quests.
    ? Domain ? 9 quests.
    ? Territory*- 5 quests.
    ? Booty ? 5 quests.

    Thanks go to DCjerboa and Evolliance
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    Achievements List:

    ___Resources Achievements - Increase production levels by 5% of Gold, Food, Lumber, Stone and Iron respectively (25% total bonus)

    ___Hero Achievements - Reduce Infantry cost by 5% (25% total bonus)

    ___Thoroughbred Achievement - Reduce Cavalry cost by 5% (25% total bonus)

    ___Siege Mechanics Achievement - Reduce Mechanics cost by 5% (25% total bonus)

    ___Buildings/Upgrading Times Achievement - Reduce Building & Upgrading time by 5% (25% total bonus)

    ___Public Grievance* Achievement - Reduce Public Grievance by 5% (25% total bonus)

    ___Treasure Drop Rate Achievement - Increase Treasure Drop Rate by 2% (10% total bonus)

    ___Increase Wounded Achievement - Increase Wounded percentage by 1% (5% total bonus)

    ~A thorough Achievements Guide is in the works for Facebook but not completed yet~

    Thanks go to Evolliance
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    New Look

    While there appearance is completely revamped, there are no new buildings in Age II, but there are new features to some of them - most notably the workshop, rally point, inn, and feasting hall.

    The Workshop

    The workshop now allows you to create and upgrade gear for your hero. You will need to buy Wood (not lumber), Iron Ore, Thoroughbreds, Crude Gemstones, and Fabrics in the shop or attack NPC's for some of these items. Items are purchased in chests - fabric box, wood box, iron ore box, crude gemstone box, and riding rein. Each chest gives you 2-4 items when applied. You can upgrade different gear, including weaponry, mount training, and ring crafting. Each Hero Item you create adds either political, intelligence, or attack benefits to your hero once equipped. Also very important to note you can not demolish this building or your hero's will lose their Hero gear upgrades. I.E. No Building, No Armor, Period. Seriously if you have a city with a lvl 2 workshop thats as high as the armor will go.

    The Rally Point

    Preset Troops-With transparency

    Also from the March window, You can click the semi transparency box and also save 3 troop settings and recall them at a later time instead of having to manually type them in each time. This is great feature for farming, being able to set a number of ballistae and transporters for each target NPC. "Last Setting" is also an option.

    Thanks go to DCjerboa
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    Fugitive Camp

    When you run out of food, instead of your military leaving immediately they now go to the "fugitive camp", a pop-up window from the Rally Point, for a limited time period. This provides an opportunity to retrieve them before they are permanently lost. Food is also shared from cities, so if one is low then the others will feed that city their food.

    Medic Camp: Automatically Heal

    A checkbox in the "Medic Camp" pop-up window allows you to "Automatically Heal" your troops, but appears to cost five times as much gold as manually healing units (yet to be personally confirmed). For those with open gates and a significant defending army, this feature will vastly improve natural defense while a player sleeps.

    Standard healing costs vz. Auto Healing costs:

    1 Warrior/ Standard heal = 7.5 gold/ Auto heal = 30 gold
    1 Scout/ Standard heal = 17.25 gold/ Auto heal = 69 gold
    1 Pike/ Standard heal = 22.5 gold/ Auto heal = 90 gold
    1 Sword/ Standard heal = 33.75 gold/ Auto heal = 135 gold
    1 Archer/ Standard heal = 35 gold/ Auto heal = 140 gold
    1 Cavalry/ Standard heal = 71 gold/ Auto heal = 285 gold
    1 Cataphract/ Standard heal = 218.75 gold/ Auto heal = 875 gold
    1 Transporter/ Standard heal = 74.25 gold/ Auto heal = 297 gold
    1 Ram/ Standard heal = 343.75 gold/ Auto heal = 1375 gold
    1 Ballista/ Standard heal = 250 gold/ Auto heal = 1000 gold
    1 Catapult/ Standard heal = 725 gold/ Auto heal = 2900 gold

    The above table was tested using 10 of each unit with and then without Auto healing. The results show the cost is 4x.

    Special thanks: To Cyra and Esp. Ninno20 who lost -12 prestige during this test.

    The Inn

    Folk Hearsay

    This option is available once your Inn reaches level 5 and provides the information described below:

    The Feasting Hall

    Hero Ransom

    When you run out of gold in your city, instead of your hero running away he/she will be in the "Hero Ransom" pop-up window located in feasting hall. This allows you a certain amount of time to use medals/gold to persuade him/her to return. Loyalty decreases the longer you are without gold, and upon reaching zero your hero will be irretrievable.

    Player Cities

    City slots are the same except when you hover over them a new window to the left opens showing a list of your colonies. There will be a Crown Symbol in the upper left hand corner which indicates that the city has colonies.

    Cities still have 40 resources fields on which to build, though OCD fans are mourning the more realistic layout of those fields:

    Thanks go to DCjerboa
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    ~The Future of Evony is Heros~

    Hero Energy

    You lose 4 hero energy every time you march and you cannot march if it hits zero. Energy regenerates over time. Leadership is a huge attribute now if you hit a lvl 10 npc for farming with a hero that has low leadership and lose 76k archers don't be surprised, make sure that leadership is high before marching on targets.

    Hero Gear

    Upon your hero reaching level 10 with your hero, you can begin to equip him/her with gear by viewing the hero in your Feasting Hall. Each gear adds an intelligence/politics/attack bonus attribute to your hero when equipped. You can choose which attribute you want the gear's bonus to apply to. Each hero may be equipped with up to 16 items of gear, offering a boost of up to 16 points to a specific attribute, or distributed among the 3 attributes as desired attack (attackers set), Intelligence (Wisemans set) or politics (politicians set).


    Please note that for illustrative purposes that only information on hero's up to level 10 is included.

    Once a gear technology has been researched, it can be applied to all heroes of the corresponding levels.

    ___A level 10-19 hero may wear Level 1 Gear or lower
    ___A level 20-29 hero may wear Level 2 Gear or lower
    ___A level 30-39 hero may wear Level 3 Gear or lower
    ___A level 40-49 hero may wear Level 4 Gear or lower
    ___A level 50-59 hero may wear Level 5 Gear or lower
    ___A level 60-69 hero may wear Level 6 Gear or lower
    ___A level 70-79 hero may wear Level 7 Gear or lower
    ___A level 80-89 hero may wear Level 8 Gear or lower
    ___A level 90-99 hero may wear Level 9 Gear or lower
    ___A level 100+ hero may wear Level 10 Gear or lower


    • Weaponry.
    • Shield*construction.
    • Mount training.
    • Necklace fabrication.
    • Charm.
    • Ring crafting.
    • Head gearing.
    • Shoulder gearing.
    • Chest gearing.
    • Back gearing.
    • Gauntlets.
    • Belts.
    • Legs gearing.
    • Foot gear.

    Lost Armor Scripts

    These scripts are required for each level of research in the Workshop from level 3 and beyond. 14 different items (rings and charms are duplicates) each require 8 scripts to complete research up to level 10 - 112 scripts in total, at 8 cents a piece (896 cents in total). Scripts do drop infrequently as treasures from NPC victories.

    Research Materials

    Materials required for research include wood, iron ore, thoroughbreds(Called Riding reins in Shop) and fabric. These can be purchased at the Shop, in boxes containing 2-4 items, for 2 game coins each. Each level of research requires a greater number of materials, up to 32 items for level 10. A total of 2,086 materials are required (approximately 4,172 cents in total, if all bought).

    You can further upgrade the bonus of hero armor attributes by adding flawless and delicate gems to gear.

    First thing you need to know about star levels is that you need to use delicate gems or flawless gems in each upgrade, done in workshop. There are a total of 15 star levels for each of the 14 different gear types. It is suggested by many that you focus on getting all your Hero Gear/Armor to level 10 or higher before you start with upgrading star levels at all. This table shows you what level your star level will be downgraded to if you fail to upgrade. Use 4 flawless gems for the higher levels of Gear to minimize the chance of failure.

    You can upgrade hero gear star levels manually or you can choose automatically to the desired hero gear star level you want. You can only use gems of one type on each type of upgrade option. If you upgrade star levels automatically you get the option of starting to use flawless gems from level 1 right away. Automatic star level upgrades will use 4 gems for each level upgrade. If you go manual you can use delicate gems 4 delicates approximate 1 flawless gem.

    Hero Tips To Remember:


    ___Has unlimited loyalty cannot be lost in conventional attacks or colonizations by other players.

    ___A level 100 Queen with no armor has 185 Attack, 85 politics, and 85 intelligence.

    ___Takes up no room in Feasting hall allowing 11 total hero's in a city.


    ___Has unlimited loyalty cannot be lost in conventional attacks or colonizations by other players.

    ___A level 100 King with no armor has 185 Attack, 85 politics, and 85 intelligence.

    ___Takes up no room in Feasting hall allowing 11 total hero's in a city.

    Historic Heros: (HH for short)

    A risk when purchasing historic hero details (possibly accepting task for quest fulfillment) is you run the risk of finding the Historic Hero in a friendly alliance member's city. You have a couple options, one drop out of your alliance to attempt getting the HH or letting the 10 Evony cents spent slide and looking for another HH elsewhere. You may run into several "blue city heros" before finding one you can successfully capture.

    Once you find a HH that is not in a blue city you may have to teleport to another state to get close enough to capture them, this is very common.

    A *tip instead of using an advanced teleport to get to the HH you would like to capture is to keep a city slot open, and build a city 1 mile or so from the NPC. Build time can be up to 20 hours, but over server maintenance, it insta-builds.

    *this tip thanks to Woldere.

    To take another players Historic Hero you must first posses the image of the hero (bought in level 5 Inn or above) and Sow discord upon them (stratagem).

    Historic Hero Facts:

    Historic Attributes Tables:

    Thanks go to Lwind & AllDayXL
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    Barbarian cities are not the same as "NPC's", as they were known in Age I. NPC's still exist, with the same levels and contents except with two differences any npc's you build will be swept from the server on the following maintenance & most importantly the fact that scouting for a low level hero on your level 10 npc farming runs is no longer viable as you will find that even though you have scouted and gotten your low level hero when your hit(s) land there will be a new level hero there that may be higher or lower than the one from your initial scout mission. To compensate for this it is suggested that you have a high level attack stat on your hero's & use buffers as often as possible on those few critical first attacks.

    A New Strategic Value & Tactical Approach:

    Barbarian Cities represent a greater challenge for players to attack, and presumably conquer. Four levels of Barbarian Cities exist the 18, 16's, 14's, and 12's, with the larger containing 10x the troops and fortifications of the standard npc's. Barbarian Cities are featured in Quests, and often contain Legendary Heroes. The following information provides examples of Barbarian Cities Specs:

    Resource fields are known to be level 12,14,16,18 in the larger Barbarian Cities, they also provide larger rally spots. The level 12 Historic cites 150k troops and the 18 allowing you to send 375k per level also drafting 10% of troops from a city in any state!

    Historic City Tips:

    Another great tip to keep in mind is that the troops inside a historic city vary by resets (possibly 12 hours). What this means is that if you were to scout in the morning you may find cavalry and ballistae, and if you were to scout in the evening there may be cataphracts and catapults instead. Also rams may replace the other mechanized units intermittently.

    A note of interest is that although the scout reports will say that there is all level 10 buildings and 37 farms (level 12,14, etc) In historic cities you will find that once conquered, they only contain one of each resource spot of the corresponding level and no building except the town hall.

    Another note of interest is to scout it until there's a king in your report (which puts a queen in the city). Wait for maintenance. And then it comes up with cavs the next day - provided no one else scouted it.

    There are several variations one could run into when attempting to take a level 12 in fact there are 15 known variations:

    These troop types are the ones that vary:

    ___Pikemen change to Swordsmen
    ___Cavalry change to Cataphracts
    ___Rams change to Ballistas change to Catapults

    You could safely say these numbers stay consistent:

    ___162666 Swordsmen or Pikemen
    ___108444 Horses (Cavalry or Cataphract)
    ___14640 Mechanized units (Rams, Ballistas, and Catapults)

    Many players feel that the best combo to attack is the pikemen, cavalry and ballistae combination, but I'm sure many players will have other preferences.

    Here are some scout reports on the matter:

    Cavalry With Ballistae:

    Cavalry With Catapults:

    Cavalry With Rams:

    Cataphracts With Ballistae:

    Cataphracts With Catapults:

    The level 12 Barbarian Cities:

    Capturing 4 of these cities in an 18 mile square will provide any alliance a stable section of a state and a place to deal damage from.

    Sorry I have not provided a list of all the co-ordinates please see maps section for an example of where to find these cities. Here is a report on what is inside below

    The level 14 Barbarian Cities:

    I believe these cities will be the hotspots of activity in age 2 as they represent the outposts on the states borders. There are 8 in every state and they are located on the cardinal points North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East, and South-west. Here is a report on what is inside below

    Again sorry I have not provided a list of all the co-ordinates please see maps section for an example of where to find these cities.

    Look for these cities every 66 miles apart on x and y.

    The level 16 Barbarian Cities:

    They are in the center of the states usually with a level 12 very close by. Here is the cord list for them. and a report on what is inside below.

    Look for these cities every every 200 miles apart on x and y.

    ___100 100 Washington dc - Friesland
    ___300 100 Beijing - Saxony
    ___500 100 Loyang - North March
    ___700 100 Moscow - Bohemia

    ___100 300 Prague - Lower Lorraine
    ___300 300 Berlin - Franconia
    ___500 300 Vienna - Thuringia
    ___700 300 London - Moravia

    ___100 500 Paris - Upper Lorraine
    ___300 500 Rome - Swabia
    ___500 500 Athens - Bavaria
    ___700 500 Cairo - Carinthia

    ___100 700 Ottawa - Burgundy
    ___300 700 Jersalem - Lombardy
    ___500 700 Canberra - Tuscuny
    ___700 700 Islamabad - Romagna

    The Level 18 Barbarian City:

    Well everyone wants Atlantis (0.0) It is in the state of Friesland and is now the official center of the action in Age 2 servers here is a report on what is inside.

    Thanks go to DCjerboa & Ninno20
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    Strategems are items which can be applied to a city, yours or most often your enemy, and from your reports click army movement or enemies tab, click view section (see below), to provide an additional advantage. You can hide your army, your resources, burn food of your foe, prevent them from attacking, counteract an aggressors Strategem, and many more operations, for a fee. Available Strategems, their purpose, and their respective cost from the Shop, are as follows:

    Stratagems in game How to use them!

    Well, while some stratagems use(s) are straight forward some are not, there are 4 different places you will be using stratagems from.
    The first two places to use stratagems from is easy. One is your city, In map view click your city click stratagems and a list of 5 stratagems will appear.
    They are as follows:

    ___Regard bushes and trees as soldiers
    ___Empty city
    ___Cast a brick to attract a gem
    ___Solid walls and empty fields
    ___Advance by hidden path

    The next place you will apply stratagems is on an enemies city in map view click the city and a list of 10 stratagems will appear.
    They are as follows:

    ___Inundate with rumors
    ___Alienating and instigating
    ___Ambush from all sides
    ___Wage war without declaration
    ___Loot a burning house
    ___Sow spies in enemy’s camp
    ___Besiege enemy’s fort to rescue allies city
    ___Burn the warehouses
    ___Beauty trap
    ___Ears and eyes in enemy’s city

    The next two places have been difficult for some people to find as such here is an illustrated overview.
    Also note that there again is applications of stratagems on yourself and applications on the enemy.

    When you are marching on an enemy you can apply the stratagems:

    ___Cicada Sheds It's Skins
    ___Thunder Raid
    ___Cover up army Maneuvers.

    Click your reports button, then look for your army movements tab.
    You will see your troops marching there, now click view.

    it will pull up the details of the march in progress, hero name, hero level, lord name, and alliance.
    If you look at the bottom of your screen pop up you will see two buttons one is recall and one is stratagems.

    Once you click the stratagem button a pop up of these stratagems will appear.

    When an enemy is marching on you, you can apply the stratagems:

    ___Bolt The Door To Catch A Thief
    ___Entice The Enemy Into Compromising

    Click reports and this time instead of clicking army movements tab click enemy tab and now click view.

    The pop up will show the details of the march in progress, hero name, hero level, lord name, and alliance.
    If you look at the bottom of your your screen pop up you will see two buttons again "recall and stratagems".
    This time instead of your marching details popping up it will be the enemies (depending on your Beacon tower you may see less info).
    This time when you click stratagems you will get a pop up with these stratagems.

    Stratagems from the wheel are plentiful so you don't need to be to concerned about not having the cash to buy these and try them out.

    Thanks go to J4gur and DCjerboa
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    ~ A thorough Achievements List is in the works for Facebook but not completed yet~

    Details on Face book operations and options:

    • Players can only send one gift to each Ally/friend per day, and can only receive one gift from each Ally/friend per day.
    • A player can receive a maximum of 30 gifts per day from 30 different friends.
    • A player can receive a maximum of 30 rewards per day from clicking feeds.
    • A player can receive a maximum of 20 rewards per day for feeds clicked by friends.

    List of most requested pop ups from players:

    ___1. Help = Reduce troop upkeep 5% stack 20x
    ___2. Bored = Moving speed and hitpoints increase 1% on heroes stacks 10x
    ___3. Corralling horses = 100 Cavalry stacks x10
    ___4. Plows to pikes = 100 pikes stacks x10
    ___5. Excess lumber = 100 Rolling logs stacks x10
    ___6. Artifact discovery = Quarry tool, holy water, or Amulet
    ___7. Traveling troubadour = War-horn
    ___8. Execution = speech txt

    *Note: If you post a pop up the friends that click the pop up will usually receive the smaller reward and the person who posted will receive a larger reward. An example of this is the Pestilence pop up where the poster will receive a penicillin buffer and the player who clicks it will receive 250 gold "You get by with a little help from your friends".*

    An overview of all the known FaceBook pop ups is included in this guide below.

    Thanks go to Ninno20 & NailBomb
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    Colonization, an exciting addition to Evony, enables you to make someone a vassal of yours, under which they must provide you with %10 percent of everything they produce. A vassal is defined as the grantee of a fief, feud, or fee, in which he holds land of a superior, and vows fidelity and homage to him.

    If you choose to colonize a city (must declare war first, if not at war already via alliance declaration, you must solo declare and wait 30 minutes until you can attack, the war period will last 48 hours) and if you are successful in your attack, you enter a "colonization period" lasting 8 hours during which you can send reinforcements and they player colonized can prepare for uprising in 8 hours as well (colonized player must choose to uprise to do this it is not automatic). After the colonization period, if the player does not uprise against you, the city becomes your colony (assuming your troops won the battle). A player can uprise from colonizing by going to the players city (suzerain's city) who colonized them, and clicking on the "Uprising" button.

    -Note: The suppression period lasts 8 hours, takes up a rally point space(remember this), and you can only reinforce it with the city you sent from.

    Important aspects to colonization- Review:

    ___Q. Can i colonize a city that is already colonised by someone else?

    ___A. Yes but not during the suppression period.

    I.E. The suzerain will notice an incoming attack, but his information that he can "see" is based upon the Beacon Tower of the colony. So if the colony is not at beacon tower 10, he won't know the exact count of troops, the timing, etc.

    ___The suzerain's troops will defend the colony, though, depending on his supression settings.

    ___The colony's wall defenses will participate in the initial attack.

    The fight will be as follows:

    Attacker's Troops VERSUS (Colony wall defenses) + (Colony troops, if gates are open) + (Suzerain troops, if Suppression Settings are above 0%)

    ___Q. How many colonies can I get?

    ___A. The amount of colonies you can have is based on your title.

    Ex. Knights can have 20 colonies per city for a total of 40 colonies. Barons can have 40 colonies per city, giving them a total of 160 total colonies.

    Starting the colonization process - Suzerain

    ___1. Scout the city before you colonize. (You need to know what you're going against.)
    ___2. Once you have scouted, click "Colonize" on the selected city and use the troops you have created for attacking.
    ___3. If you succeeded with the attack you know need to wait through an 8 hour suppression period.
    During this time you may reinforce your existing troops in this city if you fear they will uprise and win.
    ___4. Once you are done all the troops you have sent to the city to be colonized will return.


    A Suzerain is the colonizing Lord of a city, as listed upon clicking on a colonized city to view the City's information.
    To perform actions on your colony, click on "City Overview" of the city from which you colonized, click on "Valleys" and choose the "Colonies" tab. Click the desired colony and you are given the following options:

    You can do these things once a day
    • Tribute (You get 10% of each of their resource production *Constantly while they are your colony*)
    • Disarmament (Disarm 10% of a specific branch of troops *You do not get these*)
    • Draft (Draft 10% of their highest numbered troop to your city)
    • Pop. Redeployment (You can deploy 10% of their population of their city to your city)
    • Sow Discord (you can apply sow discord to all their heroes *Which decreases loyalty by 30*)
    • Abandon (Abandons the colony)

    Defense after being colonized - Uprising

    ___1. Before you get colonized, the 8 hour suppression period will give you time to defend against it.
    ___2. During this period you need to build defenses such as troops and open your gates in the rally spot!
    ___3. When you have been colonized, you will need to "Uprise" to de-colonize your city.
    ___4. To do that you need to go to your suzerain's (the person who colonized you) city.
    ___5. Then you will click "Uprise", but before you do make sure to scout first.
    ___ It will give you information on their troop's defenses so you can know on what you need to retaliate.
    ___ (Be careful, the suzerain can take 10% of troops, resources and population from you every day, but only once every day.)
    ___6. If you succeed, you will no longer be colonized.
    ___5. After you are free from uprising or your suzerain releasing your city, there will be a 24 hour wait until your city can be colonized by someone.
    ___ This is called abandonment. This also will happen right away if you become friendly with your suzerain or they join your current alliance you are in.

    Thanks go to SATAN
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