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Thread: ASMO'S Awesome Age II Guide

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    We needed a new map for a new age so here it is.

    With the new unofficial center of servers being where the level 18 barbarian city is I have added this map showing 0.0 at the center of Evony, those that like the old way of looking at the map can use the above version.

    This map shows an outline of where the level 12 historic cities are you can see that getting 4 of them in a square helps provide a stronghold for your alliance, out lined area's indicate proximity of where larger historic cities are located.

    Here is an example of a filled in map with all the co-ordinates of Burgandy. Historic cities will play a crucial role in age 2 as well as hero's.

    Thanks go to Ecocide/madrid
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    All the angels sing........... Cuz your gonna die!


    New Customer Service Help Center

    Evony has started up a new customer servive ticket system to help get your problems solved with your accounts it's getting good reviews and helping people faster but there is a trick to it.

    First you must go and get a help-spot ticket number then you must email a customer representative with that ticket number and with the correct format.

    Help Spot Format:

    ___HelpSpot Ticket:
    ___Lord Name:
    ___Facebook (if applicable):
    ___PayPal Transaction ID (if applicable):
    ___Type of Issue (i.e. lost troops):
    ___Description of Problem:

    Remember to get only 1 ticket per problem and to only send one email to an Evony representative, a good tip is to be nice, cordial, and brief in your letter to your representative, if you send 5 ticket numbers in one email you will fall to the bottom of the pile so to speak so remember one ticket one mail one solution.

    Get A Help Spot Ticket Number Here

    Bug Reports

    There is no in-game bug report mail anymore all bugs must be submitted to the forums through the AGE II bug reports thread, A word of caution here that you should try to check this thread before posting a bug report in it to see it its already been addresed, as if we fill the thread up with 100 of the same reports it just makes it harder for them to sort through it and get it solved faster.

    You lost your email account

    So i know some people have run across this problem in a variety of ways just wanted to let players know there is help for this you can go here and fix that and change to a new email if needed, it's a quick process,reset email for your account here.

    account management.

    Daily amulet

    No longer comes at a specific server time, instead it will appear as a pop up and then 24 hours from the time it's accepted,
    it will then pop up again.

    Vesta's blessing

    If a player spends $30 dollars they receive this item and it can reduce your troop upkeep by 50% for 24 hours, and can be stackable (meaning if you already have this buff, it will add a further 24 hours). This means you can reduce your troops upkeep by 50% for 48 hours or more!

    New players tip

    Beginners may now build two buildings at once for their first 3 days.

    Food changes

    When a city does not have enough food to feed its troops and begins drawing food from other cities, also food offers in the marketplace, to prevent "food hiding" has been instituted.

    Zoom in Town/City Views

    You can zoom in and out while in the Town and City views by using your mouse wheel. Alternately, you can use the Autofit button found at the top left of the screen next to the Package button.

    Easy Truce

    You can now click the non-truce icon in the top right of the game window to change your status and Truce or enter Holiday mode.

    Thanks go to DCjerboa and Dawnseeker
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    Many thanks and credit go to everyone who has helped, suggested changes, added to, included tips to me or helped in any way to make this guide better.

    List of Contributers & Inspiration
    Sorry if i missed anybody
    Thanks for making AGE II & making this challenge possible, this new version is a blast!
    For getting me sucked into BETA and playing in a new age of Evony!
    The BETA players~ 
    who worked through development and testing and helped so much with knowing how to gather all this information thanks to all 10,000 of you!
    For making work harder at this game ever since i started, and for making the Guide library
    Who got this guide going back in beta, His reports on Historic cities and for his report on Insta-troop builds and that he is just awesome remember to chk out his Inst-troop guide!(See Critical Links below).
    For constant morale support and encouragement of producing this work.
    Who provided countless descriptions and options for all EVONY players! By the way go join up @ if you haven't already.
    This guy has a whole site dedicated to AGE II with massive amounts of information. Please go visit his site(See Critical Links below)and say thanks!
    This guy picks everything apart and thank-god (no pun intended),Props go to him for covering colonization operations data seriously one of the brighter tacticians of Evony. Make sure to chk out his Historic cities guide and ask him for help if you are thinking about taking a Historic city anytime soon.
    OMG! Go Thank this guy for organizing and explaining Historic hero's/Leadership formula's to us in some way and for providing a historic hero attributes table!
    For always helping me get answers to things while i was putting this guide together esp. the face book section & providing reports on level 12's
    For getting Face book operations and options explained to me and truly making me want to be a better player and more involved all the time!
    Dr. Evil~
    For always supporting me in my efforts and providing details i missed and for always having the best suggestions for improvements to AGE II.
    For helping with graphics and rendering remember to visit his sig shop!.
    No one in this game i respect more or think highly of. The bestest most nice evil woman i have ever called friend thank you for everything you have ever done for me!
     For getting me involved in the forums and teaching me how to post! (We miss you!)
    Knowing everyone! Being Honest and making a great team, Also watching my back in-game while i was making this guide!
    Awesome HH tip is Awesome!
    All the AGE II NA1 Players~
    We fought the Lag monster and won, without all of you people this work would not exist!

    ___Evony AGE II Wiki

    ___Evony Wiki

    ___Evony Wiki #2

    ___Evolliance Interactive Maps, Chatrooms, Scouting Report Database, Forums, Polls, Role Distribution, and more

    ___Map Tools & Spreadsheets

    ___Battle Calculator!

    ___Captain Virks Ultimate Guide

    ___Dark Brady Guide To Battle Mechanics

    ___DCjeboa's Insta-Troop Guide

    ___WN1 HIT'S Complete Guide To NPC's

    ___SATAN'S Guide To Historical Cities

    ___SATAN'S Improved Guide Library

    ___LORD ARUMEN's New Guide Library

    THE END IT'S OVER 9000!
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    All the angels sing........... Cuz your gonna die!


    Conquest Options May Be Coming Soon Look Here When/If It Does!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmo View Post
    THE END IT'S OVER 9000!

    Great Job Asmo, I know you have been working on that Guide for a while now! Lets throw a party for your great job!
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    may just be my favourite guide
    you obviously have put a lot of time into it and it will help out countless members
    great guide
    I would give you rep but I need to 'spread the rep around' before giving it to you again

    Many thanks to Ravenwings for the Sig picture.
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    WoW Asmo This looks amazing...great job

    Retired :: Na1(Marines)
    Now in Na24 (INVICTUS)

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    Very nice asmo you just about covered everything here, in great detail
    [Ninno20 aka Olympia aka Rhys]
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    Wow that's awesome Asmo.. VERY thorough!
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    Very Very nice guide. Love the part about me . Also added to the guide library.

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