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    Transfer Supplies

    Ok guys im a newbie w/ evony. I'm in day 3 of the first 7 days and im trying to figure out if i can send supplies from one city to another. And if so how do i do it? To make that question clearer i took over a flat and made a new city as the quest asked but the city is low on resources and i want to build it up quick. Can anyone help?

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    Moved to help section.

    Also, the way to do this is go to your map, click on the flat in question and press transport.

    Then choose the amount of troops and resources.
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    To make transferring resources from one of your cities to the other easier and quicker, try to build your satellite cities close to your main city.

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    yeah, my satellite city is literally right next door. thanks for the help folks.

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    You can also go into the Town section/Rally Spot, and under March, change it to Transport.


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