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Thread: Getting the Queen/King

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    Default Getting the Queen/King

    I'm a new player and I was wondering if anyone can actually finish that quest? If anyone knows tell me if its possible

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    I finished the quest and got the Queen. It's possible.

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    Does it take forever and are the any benefits?

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    I wouldn't say that it takes forever. They gradually get more difficult, with the last two being capping a lvl 8 then 10 npc. And yes, its worth it. The king/queen is a lvl 1 hero with 85 in all stats.
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    It doesn't really take forever.. helps to have a HH though for taking the lvl 10 NPC. I'd say it takes about a month from account creation for an active player who isn't spending money on the game (and knows how to play, maybe) to take down a 10 without losing all their troops in the process.

    The Queen/King has several unique properties:
    1) They are highlighted in the Feasting Hall, no other heroes are
    2) No salary, ever
    3) Can never be lost or captured (No loyalty stat)
    4) Can not be dismissed
    5) Does NOT take up a slot in a Feasting Hall

    Let me elaborate on the 5th one. If you have a level 10 Feasting Hall and 10 heroes in the city, you can still move the Queen/King there. You will actually have 11 Heroes in that city. Works at all levels of Feasting Hall, allowing you to have 2 heroes with level 1 Hall, and so on.

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    Queen take a slot, I can't have 10 others heros in my hall ( lvl10)

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    you would have to have the 10 heros in the hall before you get the queen

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    Yes you can complete the quest.

    But you will need patience.

    If you like games which are all action with fast, fairly easy rewards you may simply not enjoy yourself enough to get that far.

    The final task before you get the Queen/King is to take a level 10 barbarian city. To achieve that you need all your relevant techs maxed (or at least most of them) and at least 140k archers with some other troops. The final tech upgrades themselves take five or six days and archers build pretty slowly. So you can see where the estimate of a month's active play comes from. I suspect that to achieve the quest in a month would probably require a bit more than a couple of hours play a day. If you play less than that it is going to take longer.

    It you enjoy the game enough to embark on something taking that long it is worth having some intermediate goals in mind, to help focus your efforts. Getting one of your heroes up to attack 200 (and nine more above attack 100) is an aspect of the overall task that it is worth attention. And one intermediate goal which helps a lot with that (and with other things) is to reach the point where you can be regularly hitting level 5 barbarian towns. To do that you must have ballistae (so one barracks at 9), archery at 8 and horse back riding at 5. It is a good idea to focus your efforts on that aim during the early stages. The reason that is relevant to your hero is that he or she gets a quarter of a million experience points each time they lead an attack on a fully regenerated level 5 npc. That allows them to level up towards the 200 attack target at a decent pace.

    That achieved you can adopt a further intermediate target which is regularly to hit level 10 npcs. That gets your hero 1 million experience points each time.

    You will probbly reach the point where you can take a level 10 npc (and fulfil the quest) before you are ready to start farming level 10s. But knowing that is something which is coming up will help focus your efforts.

    Two things to add. Fulfilling the quest is certainly satisfying but the game is a war game and there are plenty of others playing it with you. The objectives above can be worked towards w/o attacking any other player. But other players may not focus on achieving the quest, or not wholly. So you have to stand ready to defend yourself. Indeed you may find the game more fun if you attack other players yourself. So that is an aspect of the game which may distract you a bit. Similarly some of the best fun in the game comes from co-operating with your alliance mates. And again, fulfilling the quest will not form any very substantial part in the objectives of your alliance. So joining in with that may come to mean more to you than simply getting your Queen/King. That said, the things you do and the medium term objectives you adopt so as to fulfil the quest are also steps which make you generally stronger. Which helps get you more fun from the pvp aspects of the game.

    Good luck.

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