Dear Players,

Recently, we've seen a growing number of scams with the goal of obtaining player information. Many of these scammers operate by sending out links to third party sites which offer things like free coins or "helper" programs. These sites are fraudulent and install malware, trojans or keyloggers on players' computers which can give thieves your account information.

While we're making efforts to curb this behavior and punish those who violate our rules, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our players about account security.
  • Never follow links given in world chat or from anyone you don't know and trust.
  • Never visit websites which offer bots, cheats, helpers or other programs which offer an advantage in the game. Not only are these programs illegal, but the sites which offer them often install malware.
  • Only visit Evony-related sites which are approved by Evony. A list of approved fansites can be found on our forums.
  • Never give your account information or password to ANYONE. An ally today may be an enemy tomorrow.
  • Account security is YOUR responsibility. We are not liable for any losses or damage to the account due to another person acquiring access to your account, and will not be able to reverse or restore any losses.

Remember: don't give out your account information, only visit approved fansites, and don't click links in game chat. These tips will help ensure that your account and your hard work remain secure.

Best Regards,

Evony Team