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Thread: scouting an NPC for a weak hero

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    Default scouting an NPC for a weak hero

    Ok, so I plan to take an NPC 8, for the quest, as training experiment for a lvl 10 NPC, and the hero boosting I'll get out of it. I've read and searched for guides. Hod's guides advizes to scout an NPC for the hero you will fight, until you have an opposing hero of max lvl 15. My informatics is lvl 10, my tower is lvl 9. But scout reports show no hero information, and never had. In fact, the bottom of the report mentions that with higher lvl informatics I'd get more info... but well, the informatics is maxed for weeks already.

    So what am I doing wrong? Anyone out there able to get scout reports with heroes mentioned from NPCs in age 2?

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    AgeII, Info 10, Beacon 9:

    Gives hero as you see.

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    Age 2 scouting to lock defending hero doesnt work the same as age1

    1)When you scout it changes the hero (Same as age 1)
    2)When you attack it changes the hero for the first attack but that hero stays as the defender for the chain of attacks (change)
    3)If you scout in between attacks it will change (so if you pull a lvl 50 on the first attack you can send a scout to change the hero out)
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    Ok, thanks for the example report... now, if I could log in I could check my

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    it worked, thanks... I found where I have to check for the info now...

    thanks too for explaining the differences fro age 2 to age 1. It will surely help me. Here goes for my first 100k wave :-)

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    You are welcome and have fun with your wave


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