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Thread: Server NA19 Opening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trad View Post
    I just saw an ad on the link removed site. The ad said "no more bullies" at Evony two.

    Does that mean I can't play on Evony Two?
    nah, look just look and the desperate pleas for mercy you can get in the mail

    So whats it gonna take for you to leave my cities...............I don't understand why you have put so many troops into my cities, and in all honesty, don't have the desire to try and grow on this game if this is the kind of*we have to put up with.
    Quote Originally Posted by evony product manager regarding cheaters
    I don't think dealing harshly with them is going to help the future of the game, or the revenue. (Since in many respects revenue is an important factor for every business.)

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    Well am i only one waiting for NA20?


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    NA19 was just opened since the day before yesterday or so.

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    lol yeah! u tell em Dawnseeker...thats about as nicely as u can put it without making it seem like your pi$$ed off
    Imma Hell of a guy...what can I say...I'm even named Hell

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    You cant be serious thats not fair at all to age2 players why would you let age1 players copy thier accounts over to age2 they will be starting out with lvl 10cities and its not fair at all they should have to start over like the rest of us plz dont allow the copy of accounts from age1 to age2 cuz its not fair :[ gonna go cry at the thought of a age1 player poppin outta no where beside my city and colonizing me :[ lol jp no really do its not fair plz give it more though thx :]
    Quote Originally Posted by dawnseeker View Post
    forum threads are not indicators of demand. Servers need thousands of players, not just a few dozen who reply to a thread. Demand is indicated by the number of players on the servers and right now there aren't enough to justify opening a new server. We will be opening new age i servers as demand (indicated by actual player statistics, not threads) calls for.

    Our goal is to continue to improve age ii to bring it more in line with what age i players will want to play while still maintaining facebook connectivity that increases player interaction and gives us much more design freedom.

    We fully intend to allow all age i players to copy their accounts to age ii, but after the outcry the last time we had it on the agenda, we're not going to do it again until we are confident that most age i players will want it. We're not going to rush into it, and many of the people who are now demanding an immediate account transfer to age ii are the same people who were decrying our plans to do so a few months ago.

    In short, we'll allow transfers when we're ready.

    As for development, we are continuing to fix bugs and any other errors but we're not actively developing new content for age i. Most of our development efforts are focused on age ii, or other things at this point and while some of those improvements could very well make it into age i, that is not the primary focus of our efforts.

    Our goal is to improve age ii to the point where everyone will want to play it, not simultaneously split development between similar games.

    If you consider this to be silence or lack of communication, then i'm sorry, but i think we've been quite clear on this point.

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    Please stop posting on this thread about Evony Age I account merging into Evony Age II servers. This thread isnt about that topic. It is about the Evony Age II NA19 server opening. If you would like to discuss that I have made a thread. Please use it.

    Kind Regards,

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    if they transfer my account to age II I will veeeeeeeeeery quickly reverse any and all charges I have made for my current server.

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    We got server na20 now... wish I would have known about release, got a little bit of a late start but I got a lot of experienced players that came over with me to my alliance.

    Anyone interested apply for Omega or send me a mail on na20, name is "Swifty"


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