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Thread: Find out the attack level of another player's hero

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    Default Find out the attack level of another player's hero

    So you are getting attacked and/or you just scouted someone and got a report that included their hero's name, but you don't know their attack level? Here's how to find out:

    Step one - get and check the report to find out the hero's name.

    If you're getting attacked, look for the hero name in the enemy tab of reports - if you're not getting it, you need an upgraded beacon tower. If you just scouted and you got a report (scouts fought back and you won enough to get a report), just check it.

    Step two - go to statistics and search for the hero's name.

    This assumes one of two things: 1) you know at least a little bit about who you're dealing with (Lord's name), or 2) the hero has an uncommon name. Even with 3-4 pages of the same hero name, it's trivial to scroll through a few pages and find the right one.

    That's It!

    This works even if you don't know the level of the hero. It's powerful information to know whether Trevor (Attack 312) is attacking you or Trevor (Attack 87) is attacking you, and only takes a second to do.

    Unlike most players, you quickly know roughly how many archers you can expect your scout bomb to take out, or how many reinforcements to request to fend off attacks.

    I welcome any comments.

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    Also remember when searching heroes the search function is case sensitive. If the hero is named matt and you search Matt, you will not find him

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    Good point - with weirdly-named heroes: MatTY94fG, you may have to write it down, although it will find matches based on partial searches as long as the case is correct.
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    im a newbie and i got attack by this biatch and i dont know where is her base! i wanna know her base so i could get some payback im only been playing for 4 days now!pls tell me how to locate a base!

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    ALCANTAR, you could have located it with a higher beacon tower + informatics level - but her corodinates should also show in the ''reports'' under ''army''.

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    copy and paste the war report into a new browser window.
    take our the 'default.html?' part to get the attackers coords.

    see example below:

    happy hunting

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    to see her coords, search your reports know your coords and the other coords u see should be hers, its located around the top of the report, That make since ALCANTAR??

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    Good but a bit ovesrs guide
    Hope I helped
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    yeppers, i have been doing that for a bit also. its annoying when they dont change the name when they snag them from the inn though, thats like 20 pages, but still findable. i have also done the report in the new window thing. but with that, you need to make sure it is IE, and not Chrome, Safari, or any other browsers, it only works on IE to my knowledge.

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    This is also useful for establishing who has rein'd a city you are attacking. Assuming they sent a hero it will be their hero showing as defending and then you can add them to your hitlist

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