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    Default Combat Calculator

    After quitting Age I last year I recently returned to give Age II a whirl, wasn't too impressed but I couldn't quit without updating a spreadsheet combat calculator that I'd put together for Age I. The task begins...

    In Age I a hero's Intelligence increases the defence as a percentage, e.g. 50 Int increases a defence of 50 to 75, 100 Int doubles it to 100. Defence works by reducing incoming damage: 1000 defence reduces damage by 100%, 250 defence reduces damage by 25%. Note that the reduction is capped at 50%.
    This means that units with low defence gain little from Int while units with high defence could easily be capped at 50% reduction.

    Age II turns this on its head...
    Instead of increasing defence, Int now gives a flat increase to a unit's life. Here's an example of how a max tech archer's effective life (the damage needed to kill one unit) is affected by Int:-

    Int....Age I....Age II

    Same figures applied to Battering Rams:-

    Int....Age I....Age II

    *no increase beyond 163 Int.

    Ah leadership, leadership (fuggin leadership!). I once said it'd be boring if it was too easy to calculate combat, but leadership takes the fuggin cake! I would've loved to have posted this as the definitive article but the truth is that this isn't a guide but more a plea for help! I've worked out what it does but the amount of variables is just ridiculous.

    What leadership basically does is it determines how much Attack and Intelligence is applied to the combat calculation, e.g. 100 Leadership gives a hero with 210 Attack and 45 Intelligence... 210 Attack and 45 Intelligence! Now you're probably thinking "sheeeet what's so hard about that?" well, what's hard is that Leadership is affected by who you're fighting (player or npc troops) and by where you're fighting (valley level when fighting npc troops) and by how many troops you send to battle and also by what type of unit. It's also not as straight forward as 30 Leadership = 30% of hero's Attack & Int applied.
    30 Leadership may give your hero 100% of his Att/Int when attacking a level 6 valley defended by cavalry, but will give 80% Att/Int when attacking cavalry in a level 7 valley and only 60% Att/Int when attacking cavalry in a level 8 valley. However...

    The number of troops that you send can affect the combat in an unexpected way, the following pics say more than words

    1) 10k archers v 3319 archers (level 10 valley) Bing's Int is 100. Infantry included to prevent Swordsmen reaching my archers.

    2) 20k archers v 3319 archers (level 10 valley) Bing's Int is 100

    3) 70k archers v 3319 archers (level 10 valley) Bing's Int is 100

    The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the change in defending hero, well fact is npc heroes (valleys) are irrelevent - they don't modify the results in any way, thus...

    4) 20k archers v 3319 archers (level 10 valley) Devin's Int is 80, compare to 2) above

    Uploaded with

    The 3319 valley archers are killed in the first round in all of the above battles so sending more than 10,000 archers is unnecessary, but then how many of us send the bare minimum needed? Now there's a reason to! My calculator will let you calculate how few troops you can get away with sending, but before I get to that let's get the maths out of the way.

    Age II Formulae

    Attackers' damage
    B/100(H + T + 100)N

    B base attack, H hero attack, T (Technology) Military Training (percentage), N number of attackers

    1 - (((T + 100)/100)D)/1000)

    T Iron Working (percentage), D base defence

    (((T + 100)/100)L) + I

    L base life, T Medicine (percentage), I Intelligence

    Effective Life

    L Life (as derived from above formula), D Defence (ditto)


    Attackers' Damage (as derived from above formula), E Effective Life (ditto)

    Formulae applied to example 1) above (all relevent techs level for 10 both sides)

    60/100(0* + 50 + 100)3319 = 298,710 damage

    1 - (((50 + 100)/100)50/1000) = 0.925 defence

    (((50 + 100)/100)250) + 100 = 475 life

    475/0.925 = 513.51 effective life

    298,710/513.51 = 581.70 casualties, rounded down to 581

    Note: * valley hero attack n/a, ranged damage now rounded down.

    So in battle 1) the hero receives his full Intelligence but when he sends 20k archers his Intelligence is reduced to 60%, the more troops he sends the more his Intelligence is reduced.

    The higher the hero's Leadership the smaller the penalty that he receives, a hero with 100 Leadship will receive his full Int/Attack stat regardless. My only Historic hero has so far reached just 92 Leadership but my theory is that 100+ Leadership will grant 100%+ Int/Attack, making Historic heroes even harder.

    End of part 1.
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    Part 2

    The Calculator

    The calculator is a simple tool to determine either how many kills your troop stack kills or how many troops you need to one-round an enemy stack. It's intentionally simple - it won't hold your hand, pat your head and tickle your balls, it's not an Evocalc wannabe, you'll still have to use the old grey matter to work out your battles. It's also not definitive, the sheer amount of variables that Age II has introduced are just too much for one dude to work out, especially with the World Cup on!

    The yellow and green boxes are separate calculators, yellow works out how many troops you need to kill an enemy stack, green simply calculates how many troops your stack will kill. The other 3 grey boxes are just for reference and to fill the space. Please only edit RED text.

    There's no need to create a GoogleDocs account or to sign in to edit, but bear in mind that this is a shared document, feel free to make a personal copy. The sheets named Level 1 to Level 10 are for you to use to collect and record your own findings.

    Example showing the data table for scouts (please note that scouts gain no benefit from Iron Working so leave as zero) versus all units, combine the calculator with your own test battles to record the Leadership/troop number used, e.g. you send 10k scouts against a level 8 valley defended by cavalry. You put all the relevant data into the green calculator (remember valley heroes have no effect - leave their Attack as zero), if the battle report shows a greater number of troops lost than the calculator result then reduce the Percentage unit you get the same loses. If, for example, the result is 50% you go to the 50% column and the cavalry row and make a note of your hero's Leadership and troop count.
    This is entirely up to you whether or not you help me to crack the code, I won't be upset if you don't The reason I've added the data recording sheets is that I've realised how big a task it'll be and I just ain't got the time, not when there's football to be watched.

    Data collecting tips

    Try to reduce the amount of variables when testing, e.g. recruit a level 1 hero with say 50 Int, attack a few valleys with him (always fight against a single unit type) then upgrade him to level 2 but don't upgrade his stats. Send him back against the same valleys leading the same number of troops - now the only variable is his level or rather his Leadership.
    Alternatively attack the same valley with two heroes of very different levels but with the same Intelligence (can be manipulated using equipment).

    Y'all have fun now.
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    Space for battle report examples (with regular updates)

    1) 10k scouts - hero gains full 100% Intelligence (100)

    2) 50k scouts - hero gains 24% of Intelligence

    3) 100k scouts - hero gains 12% of Intelligence

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    Wow awesomeness. Excellent job.
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    Default finally~

    omg this is awesome dude...

    love u

    i've managed to waste 2 sec of ur life with this sig ~
    omg thar~ pedobear coming

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    You seriously deserve a medal.

    Im out of time right now, but I'll take an in depth look later.
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    I wonder how this works out for 100+ Leadership though

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    I have a theory on leadership. Did several tests and wasn't proven wrong.
    But I haven't proved my theory conclusively.

    - Leadership affects both offense and defense
    - 1 leadership = 1000 troops of every kind affected by hero

    So a level 1 hero can affect an army of 1000 workers and 1000 warriors.
    If he leads 2000 warriors, half of them will not benefit from his attack and intelligence.

    Using low leadership reduces the stack damage and the average unit life.

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    But doesn't screenshot 1 and 2 from Birtles contradict your statement? Bing should be able to lead 30,000 troops effectively, yet he leads 20,000 differently than ~10,000.

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