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Thread: Title?

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    Cool Title?

    Ok, what do you need to do to change your "Civilian" title to "knight"?

    Thanks~ Lut

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    Go under your quests and it will tell you what you need to upgrade your title. You need medals to increase to knight, then captain

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    Actually that only works for 'Rank' which can be accomplished through quests quite easily (I was a knight my first play day).

    But the title is related to your prestige in relation to other players, I believe.

    Can anyone confirm/deny?
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    knight requires;

    20k gold
    rank of lieutenant
    1000 prestige
    10 cross medals
    5 rose medals

    it probably would not show under the promotion quests if you did not meet the lieutenant prerequisite.

    and yes, it takes the gold and items from you.

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    oh, and Knight IS a title, not a rank


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