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Thread: "MUST SEE" movies

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    Oldboy - 2003
    Donny Darko
    Death note
    Blade runner
    Butterfly effect #1 The real original not the happy ending one lol
    We were solders would go there but wildor beat me to that one.
    And maybe the dark crystal in dedication to rotas sig (: hehe
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    King of New york,great performance by christopher walken doing what he does best.

    Raging bull.

    Dune...also the more recent spinoff tv series children of dune is also must see.

    Fargo and the big lebowski.

    Donnie Darko.


    Unforgiven,fi****ll of dollars and for a few dollars more.

    Solaris,slow paced but something special about that movie i can't quite put my finger on.

    And aliens versus predator....nah just kidding
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    Since Rota already mentioned my favorite movie of all time (BladeRunner)... I'll offer another that quite simply changed my personality just from watching it... it was that life-changing for me... and ironically it was banned in my country at the time, and for a further 20+ years. Now its legal.

    ...A Clockwork Orange. Truly one of Kubrick's best.

    As for the less obvious pick that we all need to throw in for good measure... Man Bites Dog. A true cult classic, filmed in black & white, in French, with English subtitles. It is a fake documentary following a serial killer. It is best for the mature audience, and will have you experiencing a wide range of emotions, along with a touch of humor.

    And for those who aren't squeamish, are old enough for such subject matters, and wanted to be shocked... and I mean shocked... Odishon. I can't say more.

    Cidade De Deus (City of God), for those who can sit through a slow documentary, was a chilling insight into the dark corners of Rio de Janeiro. Unforgettable. How fortunate and privileged us Western Europeans and Americans are in comparison.

    I have to... have to... mention Once. A slow, actionless movie about an Irishman and the love he lost. The movie won an Oscar for best song. The song... I can't do it justice with mere words... was a moment in movie magic, where the song "Falling Slowly" transcended a simple movie and, for my money, was pure perfection in every conceivable facet. An unforgettable scene that will bring goosebumps to all with a heart and a love of real music. You can tell the lead actor/artist forgot he was making a movie... the song and the moment took over. A fantastic soundtrack, with the Falling Slowly song being truly one of the best songs ever written for a movie. Ever.

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    "The Letters of Iojima"

    Dipicts the perils, hardships, and cruel deaths that the last soldiers of the Japanese island of Io during WWII, and what they did to the American soldiers, and what they did to them.

    Full of guns, violence, flamethrowers, and more guns...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie_B View Post
    Saving Private Ryan - A visceral depiction of the obsceneties of war, directed by the masterful Steven Spielberg. It follows a group of soldiers risking their lives to find a comrade during WWII after his brothers get KIA and he is missing behind enemy lines.
    The characters are developed to show that each soldier's death is not just a statistic; a father/son/uncle/nephew etc. is lost. (I also liked it because the opening scene at Omaha beach is filmed in Ireland. )
    Even though the movie is full of military tactical flauses. And I state that on the final battle in the movie. Having an MG high up... FAIL. Having an MG stright forward the targets.... FAIL. Anyways, it also make the Germans seem stupid and easyfrighten'd.

    I say "Thin Red Line" is best . A fair, brutal and savage story.

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    u should see grown ups i heard it's really funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by coold63 View Post
    u should see grown ups i heard it's really funny
    Um...if an Adam Sandler movie is going to be seriously mentioned in this thread it must be titled 'Billy Madison'.

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    I saw Rota mentioned Schindler's list which is a classic, another good one is The Pianist.

    Boondock Saints is one of my favorites, but I have yet to see the new one was scared it would ruin the first one for me

    Whoever mentioned Saving Private Ryan, excellent movie.

    I also like movies like The Gladiator and Braveheart for war stories and such.

    The Departed while a newer movie, I loved and all movies like that.

    I have a ton more movies that I feel are must sees i just cant ever think of them when the question comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woody513 View Post
    Let the right one in. Its the absokutely brilliant Swedish film.
    Thanks Woddy

    I like Stupid and Stupider: When Harry meets Lloyd
    It's a good comedy movie that can be enjoyed by everyone in every age. IF you haven't seen it, then go and find it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holeypaladin View Post
    That's just funny.

    Jannge is awesome.

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    Does anyone besides me like Hamburger Hill? Or how about the Deer Hunter??? Apocalypse Now needs no comment, cuz we ALL know that is a must see! And last but not LEAST by any means: Full Metal Jacket. *Boot training is the best part of that movie, imho* Those movies alone have made me somewhat of a fan for War movies.

    Funny/Stupid movies?
    ~What About Bob? I'm probably alone on this one, but Bill Murray is hilarious in this movie!
    ~Nothing But Trouble Silly movie, but saturated w/ famous actors/actresses *Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, Dan Akroyd to name a few...featuring Digital Underground & Tupac even!*

    ~Uncle Buck!! 'Nuff said there Oh, and along with that? *edit oopsie got the title wrong* Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    I will definitely be revisiting this thread...I'm a movie freak!
    Huge thanks for this thread btw, Rota...rep +
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