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Thread: Why the Heavy Loses

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    It's something to do with the game thinking you have 0 on all Research'. I don't know why it does it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogard.OG View Post
    also, i love that you posted screenshots of you having 3 accounts open
    Those can be other servers he plays on you know.

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    93k arch, 4100 scout, 250 pike/sword, 500 wars and 1900 trans.

    need the pike and sword to offer the arch a couple rounds of protection and for the wars to get ahead of arch to also offer protection.

    if u are hitting with a low level hero a good lil trick is to hit it with a few waves of wars to take out all the traps so easier for u arch. can use low level heroes using this way.

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    Yeah the first report lasted 15 rounds, second 13. If your not using war horn send 92k archers 2k warriors/workers/scouts/transporters i loose 5-6k every time with a 260 attack hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogard.OG View Post
    also, i love that you posted screenshots of you having 3 accounts open

    My connection is crap, so I keep 4 server tabs open.

    2 of ss47 and 2 of ss27 for easy reconnect when my wireless decides to start working again. I mean, I'd rather just log in when I'm connected again instead of waiting for the server to load....

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    May i just ask has you server just been in a merhe seeing as i am having exactly the same problem apart from im gettin 20k losses whatever i use

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneman View Post
    i have encounted this problem and been told there is a glitch with heros on LV10 between 200-230 att heros i have over come this by using excal or not upgrading hero ie: leave at 199 till u have enough points to overcome this dangerzone,also u can go back to farming LV9's till u pass this point, I allways use 100 pike 100 sword and most time decreasing the workers and adding more scouts at low levals also helps alot ex: 92k arch 2000 warr 1000 wor 3000 scouts 100 pike 100 sword 1800 trans.

    Hope this helps
    Wish people would keep it simple, Ive marched hero after hero past 230 atk just using 3k war, 3k work, 92k arch. At no point has there been a flare up in losses at 200 atk. My worst loss was maybe 11k a couple of times and guess what, the fight went extra rounds and all traps sprang.

    My best guess, traps spring randomly on one troop per round, if you are unlucky enough to have them hit one troop over and over again to the point were you lose a layer then it puts more of the burden on your archers, hence the increase in losses. As you lose archers you also lose the extra attack they provide, thus increasing rounds and making more traps spring and in worse case, they get hit by some of the 400k wars which can really ruin your day. When that happens you see the 50k plus archer loss or worse yet a complete loss.

    If this game didnt have a certian amount of randomness it would be boring, well more boring then it can be at times anyways. You can study all you want and use equations and educated guesses but in the end you are at the mercy of the software designers.


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