Forum Rules

# The Evony General Discussion Forum is for discussion of topics directly related to Evony.

General Discussion forum is for threads about the game itself. If you wish to discuss other topics - whether it's polling for real-life statistics or asking what one listens to while playing - please post in our Off-Topic Forum.

Please be courteous!
  • Don't libel others ("others" covers people, alliances, companies, etc)
  • Don't be provocative, satire or ridicule
  • Argue the topic, not the person ? discrediting others is very bad form

Don't spam. Spam is not only repeated posting, but also posting nonsense or irritating posts/threads. Examples of spam are
  • "Bump", "first"
  • Posting the same thread in multiple forums, including posting a thread to link to another thread
  • Links disguised as something else

DO NOT use excessive punctuation, such as "----- Warning -------", "......." and ">>>look<<<".

Be constructive, even when disagreeing and giving criticism. If you claim something is a fact, not just your opinion or impression.

Use an illustrative subject and refrain from using "Evony", "News", an official name or similar to get attention.

Mind your language, DO NOT use any discourteous, sexual, obscene, and dirty words.

Post in English, it's the only language ALL moderators understand, and if a moderator can't verify that your post is not breaking the rules, it will get deleted.