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Thread: Clearing Layers -- Help Please

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    Default Clearing Layers -- Help Please

    Let's begin this way. I am a new player and am just beginning to learn the more advanced mechanics of combat tactics in Evony. I have read many of the guides and taken notes as much as I can.

    My questions concern clearing layers of defense prior to a massive cataphract or cavalry attack. Or a massive mechanics attack involving ballista/rams/catapults.

    I see the massive attacks and people explain that they obviously cleared layers prior to the attack. And, yes, I can see that the layered defenses are gone. I suppose I am asking for a detailed (or summarized) guide to the clearing of defensive layers in a multi-pronged attack.

    please to be explaining this to a noob.

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    Just wanted to second this request. I posted essentially the same question in the Help and Questions forum. Many, many posts on here that begin with, "after clearing the layers". But how? My few tries have failed. I have found a couple threads which discuss this, but not even close to any agreement (archbow? swords? layered cav? layered warriors? warrior bomb?, so a screeny or 2 would be greatly appreciated.


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    find a city with layers in it .. send this 20k arch 500 warrior worker pike sword scout cav cata ... see what it does

    then send 2 of them see what it does

    then try 50k arch 500 everything .. see what it does

    I know I may sound redundant and stupid to you .. but try it play with that combo increase and decreasing

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    Just send layered archers. The point is to keep the defending archers back by letting them shoot at ur layering, while you're killing their layering. Almost always send some cav as layering for sure, because those will have the D. archers stay at 500 range in round 2.

    You also need the leave the range setters (traps/trebs/abatis) for the layer clearing.

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    dont slap me across the face for this, but...

    if u send archers+rainbow of 500(as u said) this would only make the enemy archers kill ure archers instantly... reasons:
    reason 1. ure archers are in range
    reason 2. since ure archers have more combined attack power than any of ure layers, defencive ranged units will hit attacking archers as a priority
    reason 3. its the laws of evony xD

    to further explain... ill use an example:
    500 warr
    500 pike
    500 sword
    20k archs
    500 cav
    500 phract

    archers have range of 1.2k(1200)

    10k warr
    5k pike
    5k sword
    80k archs
    5k cav
    5k phract
    1 or more archer towers

    ats(archer towers) range of 1.3k

    this is just an example so i aint putting wall or research bonuses on... nor hero bonus...

    so fight starts at 1.3k...
    round 1: ats fire at archers, becuz of reasons above.. depending on how many u got, its how many u kill... lets say u only had 1 at, so almost no dmg to enemy... but range is in play making the attacking archers in range to fight the enemy archers... so... u get a bunch of dead archers from both sides.. next that happens is defending cavs/phracts fight attacking layers... so attacking cav/phract are gone...

    round 2: defending archers/pike/sword/cav and phract if any left/ats kill the remaining layers...

    if im wrong, someone pls explain were i went wrong, i havent played for 2-3 months so i forgot some stuff.. but as i remember, this is how mechs work

    btw... yes, u got rid of the cavs/phracts in the defending city... but the pike/warr/swords are still there...

    even if there was atleast 1 trap/abatis/defensive treb u would the same scenario<----- donno how to spell that word lol

    alright, same thing, but with 1 trap in there...

    round 1: range starts at 5k... all troops move except for ats...

    round 2: all move again....

    round 3: cavs meet... defending cavs win

    round 4: defending cavs and phracts in range for attacking archers... archers kill them... defending cavs and phracts still kill the attacking phracts though... attacking pike in range of defending archers... defending archers kill them

    round 5: both side archers are in range of each other... defending archers win... defending pike/sword/warrs kill remaining layers

    but im a bit blurry on the defending archers moving... so if im wrong and defending archers never walk... then..

    attacking archers destroy the heck out of the layers... they would get atleast 2 rounds to kill as many layers as they can, but then again... if the defenders got a lot of ats... well, the attacker wont be killing that many layers...

    again... correct me if im wrong, dont throw a rock at me lol

    If i helped in any way, give me rep and leave comment if u want

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    try it in game you hit pike / sword if range setters

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    or cavs whatevers there

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    yea im pretty sure this works with range setters but it wont work on a compact...

    and if the defender is online, and hes smart, i doubt ull be able to take his troops out cheaply

    If i helped in any way, give me rep and leave comment if u want

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    none of these posts are a detailed anything.......................................... the person who started this thread, post a scout report of a city you would like a guide to, or even just make up the defences, and you will get much more detailed posts to you question
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    yeah post was more or less to tell buddy to try random stuff out where saying hes new and clearing layers Im assuming he doesnt have 100k arch to throw around or 100k ponies to toss around yet ..

    Id get yah a report but my servers in a merge .. but if anyone is online with a clue you should be able to throw the world at them and barely dent them without taking large loss


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