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Thread: No more farming for food

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    great idea
    but you shud add on like if u dont farm npcs atleast 10 times a week
    upkeep would kick in and you are not allowed to farm for 3days as punishment
    That wudnt be a bad idea

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    I would gladly agree with this suggestion. I hated having to farm 24/7 for food for my troops. Just wasted about a year of my life (no offense evony, just got too addicted xD)...

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    I made post #186 in this thread and made simular posts in simular threads. I still want "no troop upkeep" even if it cost a little coin every month. If kept low enough so the masses can afford it on a long term basis it would also equlize those players that are currently using a BOT program on their second accounts. As for massive armies, we all would be on equal grounds and working with alliance members, stacking hits, and the possibility the other player is off line more, anyone can be taken down. For those that don't buy the "no upkeep" food prices should decrease because of excess so using gold to purchase food would be an option for some. Tired of playing farmvillevony.

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    Honestly, I can't keep food for more than 30 seconds... my upkeep is -56m. I can't barely do anything because I can't keep food.

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    Default Player Built NPC's RANT

    This is my take on the whole NPC clearing up issue. If Evony would make an official statement stating that all player made NPC's will be deleted after so many days or that they wont be clearing them as it seems to be different depending on which server you are playing on. My grouch on this is if Evony dont want you to farm player made NPC's then they should take away our ability to make them so when you abandon a city it should then just turn into a flat and it would be nice to get an official Evony response on all this NPC business as its all very frustrating and as alot of us pay money into their vaults it would be nice of them to clear it up. My only other grouch on this is they say its to let new players onto a server but when they do after 8weeks say, all you get is a sudden increase in people starting and quiting with zero or next to no prestige cluttering up the place. Rant over have fun all.

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    I've never been a fan of NPC farming to be honest. For someone with limited time in a day to dedicatedly play evony I definitely would like a solution that needs less, wayyyyyyyyyyyy less farming.

    I like even the pay method. Say, set a cap of 200k troops per city that a player can keep and only allow non payers to keep max 6 cities regardless of title and coin buyers to keep 10. If a player runs out or lets the 'buff' enabling the extra cities to run out then his/her latest 4 cities should be frozen with all troops, builds, research etc in them frozen until the buff is applied again. If they kept over limit troops in the first 6 the extra would refuge.

    This type of arrangement will a) take away the need to farm b) provide a limit on the amount of troops a player can keep c) still allow the player to have flexibility in how many troops they want to keep in a particular city.

    I'm not pulling this one out of my azz either.

    I played a medieval economy simulation game before this and we were allowed 60 buildings as non coin payers. If we applied a premium account the building limit went up to 100. If a player let the premium status run out the latest 40 buildings were frozen with all upgrades/production frozen too. The premium accts had an obvious edge but non premium accts could be very competitive too. In fact, since you could buy the coins in game from other players by trading for the in game currency you could be premium for free while newbies that wanted a head start on established servers paid some cash to get on and sold their coins for the currency to be able to buy buildings, research etc from other players willing to sell it. For example, some players specialized in making and upgrading buildings to a specific size because they had high construction research and would sell them to newbs. Some researched a particular tech to a level they could do over and over again and kept selling it.

    Giving that ^ backdrop because I think evony could take some steps forward by implementing some of those features. The auto cents system already works, if it can be matched up by a farming reduction system that would be sweet.

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    Default You want us to quit?

    Random NPC clearing is driving me away from a game I otherwise love to play. Whoever was the genius that came up with this idea ought to be shot! (Unless, you really do want to make dedicated players quit.) Seriously, I am at the end of my patience with this crap! Way to be, Evony.

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    Every bloody morning we wake up to more of our work down the tubes. You keep clearing the npcs that we use to feed out troops in the name of more players on the server, yet you cant seem to get rid of the thousands of dead cities. When you merged the server we started with 3 servers worth of dead accts. That was idiotic. Now we have all those that have quit since added to it. If you want to clear up the server, move those accts to an inactive server and give them the option of which server to move the acct to if and when they ever decide to return. This continuous rebuilding of the npcs that are necessary to feed our troops is enough to make the Pope tell you off, and frankly I am not that nice. If you want me to stop spending money and go find another game just say so, because that is the direction it is headed. We work way too hard to keep our troops and cities up for the wisdom of Evony to randomly decide what additional work we need to REDO every bloody day. Figure it out. Either stop the food upkeep at which point i dont care if there is an npc on the board, or leave our farms alone. Your Choice.

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    Default I quite along time ago

    I quite this game along time ago because of the need to farm and the need to build massive barb farms to feed my army. I saw an add that said no need to farm and it had an evony sign above it...... I got excited then i logged onto the fourms and realized that everything is the same just that you can not farm npc anymore. When will they learn people like massive armies war is about power. This is a war game. The larger your army the more power you have. Evony still sucks plain and simple..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hired_Goon View Post
    How about solutions to the problem, rather than just complaining about it.

    We know evony wants to make room.
    We know players need their NPC's.

    So how about suggesting the maintenance script gets rewritten from
    1 ClearBarbs
    2 RollValleys


    1 RollValleys
    2 ClearBarbs

    That way, at least those that actually use them can rebuild ommediately and only lose 8 hours resources instead of the 9 days it takes to roll it back to the previous level.

    Then any extra flats not farmed around inactives are still available for new players.
    This idea alone would let evony continue doing what they feel is best yet allow active players to keep their farms. Please implement this.


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