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Thread: Proposed alliance, checking support...

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    Default Proposed alliance, checking support...

    On server 2, there was a longstanding, strong alliance, members of which still play together to this day, from the civony days. It never reached the lofty heights of top ten status, as it was limited by recruitment policies. The alliance was CNDN, and it was a home for Canadians of evony. It stood toe to toe against top five alliances, and it's recent incarnation has continued to fight larger alliances. The shared experience of the members made for a strong bond. I'd like to see if said alliance were to rise again, would there be support from members of the three servers? How many might join?

    Towards the end of said alliance's run (it did eventually falter due to 3 wars in rapid succession, though it reformed under a new name) the plan changed somewhat, and it was recruiting more openly, inviting members from all nations of the Commonwealth. While primarily a Canuck base, we began to welcome other nations, and would do so again.

    I'm considering reviving the Commonwealth Nations Defense Network, or CNDN. because we've gathered folks from other locations over the will actually be CNDN-AF, (and friends) though that won't fit on the flag, lol. Canada is multi-cultural, and so shall the alliance be. I'd love to see how the best Canadian players might work together, and there are a large number of them on the three servers.

    Lets' see what we can do in one alliance!

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    hehe... already have an alliance... but Canucks rule!!! GO LEAFS GO!
    FrodBonzi - God of GMs #psychic-doom

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    haha love the idea, as a CANADIAN but yah i have an alliance im glued to... sorry

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    time for my nordique tho come back !

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    lol i loved the Nordique lol


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