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    Default New Account Security Feature

    Security code protection system

    The following is the text of a system mail we will be sending out shortly. This feature will be active today following server maintenance.

    Greetings Lords and Ladies of Evony!

    We have recently seen a sharp increase in the number of Evony accounts which have been compromised. At Evony we're committed to giving our players as many tools as possible to help protect your accounts and we have just added a new layer of protection to help keep your account secure.

    With our new Security Code Protection System, players can set up a confidential code that must be entered before performing certain functions, such as abandoning cities. This code only takes a few minutes to set up and provides added security that is well worth the small time it takes to set up. Please take a few moments to set up your new code.

    With the new Security Code system, you may decide which actions will require the code to be entered and while the code will be the same for the entire account, you may customize it differently for each server you play on.

    Once applied, the selected actions cannot be completed without the Security Code. You may unlock one particular operation or unlock all operations with your security code, but this will only be effective during the current session and will end when you log out. You may choose any or all of the following five operations to be protected with your Security Code:
    1. Restart game (Auto selected by default)
    2. Abandon cities
    3. Dismiss troops
    4. Dismiss heroes
    5. Adjust tax rate

    If you forget your Security Code, you may cancel it and it will be reset 72 hours later. During this time period, no protected actions may be initiated. However, if you should remember your Security Code during the 72 hour wait time, you may abort the cancellation process. Please note that cancelling the security code on one character will also have effect on other characters under the same account.

    Remember: Don't give out your account information and keep your security code secret.

    We hope you have a happy -- and safe -- game time!

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team
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