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Thread: The Ultimate War City

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    not very good city
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitar911 View Post
    Walls(this is wht i have for my walls tht r lvl 10 the last defensive battle i had it wipes out about 30k archers of 90k archers.):
    1)0 Trap
    2)0 Abatis
    3)15k Archers Tower
    4)0 Rolling log
    5)2k Defensive Trebuchet

    Hope this guide was good its my first like it.

    I disagree with this their needs to me some traps and abatis and a mi nature amount of rolling logs e.g.100.


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    This goes against the common thinking of what a war city is. But I toss it out there, probably be ripped on for it.
    Look at some of the upkeep you all are proposing. I mean, it is a way of doing business, a valid way,
    but the donation of time and energy to support such a monster is daunting. To defend yourself from most every
    attack devised, you do not need these numbers.

    You just need to be online, and have an understanding of the
    game mechanics. For me, my 'war city', is a freshly capped lvl 10 NPC 1 mile away from my chosen target, I move
    just the troops I am going to attack with to it, when I am done. I tend to move all but a small token force from
    there, and close the gates. Meh, attack me, there is no loot, just enough troops there that the internal farms
    can mostly support, I don't care. Enjoy RL, you are not losing anything, every hour or so, spend a moment to scout some
    gold over, and pray, if needed. Enjoy RL again, with the token force you can toggle the gates to take out an occasional cav spam
    when feel like toying with them for a moment. When you are ready to play again, move your troops to your war city, attack your
    target. They worry, you don't. You lose the city, it is a basic NPC 10, they'll abandon it, just re-insta-take it when
    you are bored and want to tango again. Fun, low risk, makes the baddie sweat. To me, that is a war city, an expendable
    base, that you have no emotional attachment too.

    If you want to defend a position, you really only need 100k-200k archers, maybe some Ballista, the standard 4-5k farmers will do,
    and one stack of bomb preventions and token
    layers. You don't need 1/2 million or more of every troops type. You are just asking to get mech'ed.

    I'll leave you with a couple of reports to think about :
    The first few I just stole from the War Report forum :

    Sure, the defenders 'won', but come on.
    Even if there are more of any of the foot/horses. The exchange sucks.
    Ballista's don't take that long to build, and eat only as much as 5 1/2 archers or so. Or a 1/5 of a pult.
    You can find reports like this through out the Battle Reports.

    A similar attack against a 'lightly defended' city and someone who hates farming more then needed (me) :

    Some Rams too for fun.. even easier...

    Note: I have other things there, like a stack for bomb absorption, but I moved them and other misc. stuff out 10 seconds before the hit.

    I guess I just want the newer and/or smaller folks out there to know, you don't need this to survive, nor to thrive. Work on
    build speed, your economy, and learning how the game combat engine works.

    One unintended side-effect, is you get attacked more and you don't lose anything, so your honor shoots up... Sitting on 92 million atm, and don't think I'll even bother trying to get rid of it....

    Another note: Not having a ravenous beast like that to feed, you can now keep a higher upkeep at your core cities, protecting the ones that actually feed your economy.

    Edit : Someone asked about what I mean about a stack for bomb absorption. That is what I call your chosen troop type to have a higher combined attack than your archer stack to absorb scout bomb hits. Generally Swords, Warriors, or pikes.
    Say you keep 100k archers, you need 120k+1 swords to absorb one scout hit. Depending on the upkeep you want to hold, add about +10k (conservative I know,5-8k normally lost) per scout bomb you want to absorb before they touch your archers. All personal preference.
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    Default Ultimate war city ?

    If it's a war city then you want to have offensive troops as much as possible .. so in a nice war city you'd pack :

    100k workers
    2.4 mil warriors
    5 mil scouts
    1 mil arch
    100k pikes
    100k swords
    6-700k cavs
    2-300k phracts
    100-200k transporters
    100k ballistae
    50k rams
    20k pults

    On the walls : 16k AT's, 2k traps, 1k abatis, 500 rolling logs, 500 defensive trebuchets. With the trebs, if you can make more, thats good - mechs will suffer from them.

    Now you need all these troops not for defense but offense .. you could really defend the city with 300k archers + layers. For scout bombs, just close gates
    And for buildings .. you basically only need an Academy, Rally Spot, Beacon Tower. If you need reinforcements, you`ll need an embassy and a relief station.

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    I always prep my war city to be a defensive city as well...

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    I for one am much more inclined to go the way hellfire does.

    Forget scouts - it's just an easy way to dump honor on you and 1m scouts is nothing to kill when you have the honor. Same if you have all that army there - let them see it, what difference does it make if it's that strong.

    Also the whole concept of war.... I used to send war cities out and I'd cap enemies. Lots of enemies. Get them before they can get you. Also the whole honor thing - you are defending against the whole world coming at you here, but if the whole world does come and you are online you need a lot less and if you are offline well, everything is cappable especially when they constantly keep loading you with honor.

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    6 cotts no inn no forge no workshop loads of barracks
    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
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    Default my war city.

    ummm yeah... 125k workers, 3 mil+ warriors, 3 mil+ scouts, 1 mil swords, 250k pikes, 1 mil+archers 200k calv, 100k cata, 150k trans, 100k bals, 50k rams, 50k pults is my min troop count for "war cities". calv and cata are over-rated... so easy to defend against. they are extrememly good in certain situations, but i wouldn't recommend more then 300k per city... they eat sooo much for how much they actually do. mechs is where the real power is at. bals, rams and pults eat alot! but who cares when you are taking billions of food a day from hostiles.
    as far as buildings are concerned: (everything lvl 10) 18-20 barracks, rally point, feasting hall, 8-10 cots, embassy, academy, & beacon tower. relief station is a option. use inn only for spamming with weak heros.
    i'm not gonna pretend to be the best. if anyone out there disagrees with what i said let me know.

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    Raze down all the unnecessary assesments in your "war city" to make it a real war city.

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