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Thread: Upgrading Star Level Guide

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    ok so which guide is the correct one? in this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillykitty View Post
    ok so which guide is the correct one? in this thread
    Both, they provide different information. It isn't a "guide" per se, but rather a catalogue of information. It is up to you to take the information provided here and decide how many gems to get into your possession prior to attempting an upgrade.

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    Default Nice!

    I might have to give it a shot, thanks for providing this info

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    I found that clicking the upgrade button with your left hand ( if you normally use the mouse with your right hand) slightly increases the chance of succeeding.

    Upgrades work much better on a desktop, don't even bother using a laptop, you will never get the stars past lv 9.


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    great post, i just wish japangimp would quit interrupting useful guides with his incessant (excuse spelling) argueing and useless info. So gimp instead of railroading everyone elses posts how bout writing ur own then i can choose never to read ur pointless drivel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by japanpimp View Post
    But way too technical of a guide for average players.
    You don't represent the average player. I'd say you are well "below average" based off the ignorant crap you post all over these forums.

    And I am confident I can upgrade every gear from 11 to 12 stars with another 2,000 gems.
    It's laughable how you try to come across as The Evony Expert about every subject posted on these forums when you clearly know as little as you do. I don't think I've ever seen someone who knows so much that simply isn't so. It's like you come on the forums and state with authority that 2+2=1, and no matter how well reasoned the replies informing you that you are in fact very wrong, you stick to your incorrect assessments like a newborn on mama's boob.

    Quote Originally Posted by japanpimp View Post
    It lacks common sense.
    Finally, a subject you are an expert in.

    Quote Originally Posted by japanpimp View Post
    Again, how many players have upgraded all gears from 4 to 11 with 2,000 gems?
    If you did it then probably a lot. Further predictions are you are still at 11, or you'll drop even more when you "confidently" try to go to 12 and higher.


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