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Thread: Massive Troop Numbers and Food Consumption Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by BertandErine View Post
    no one posted any comments on this talk about this now
    Silly idea. Since we would have to break out a calculator everytime we move troops from one city to the next. I think a progressive food requirement is an idea. But not one I would support
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    Ive read the arguments for food refuge returning, that it will make it more like age1 and people will start farming more etc. Ok what about if food stays 0 for more that 4 days the troops start going into refuge but at a much slower rate than what used to happen on age1. Like over the course of a week or two the troops disappear into refuge maybe?

    Or maybe like suggested in another post, make it so when someone gets attacked, the troops in his city use up a small amount of food before or after fighting? Like how gold gets used up for wounded. and if no gold no wounded. Maybe if no food they wont fight? So you can colonize and draft the troops lol rather than be forced to kill the troops and not draft as many.

    Also in regard to original post by foxy, how many troops did the devs want people to have? Like you can have rallypoints to 100k troops. Lvl16s have rally point of 200k at lvl10. People can make over a million archers a week. So massive troop numbers are to be expected.
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