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Thread: HC draft removal change - your thoughts

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    This socalled removal of drafting from an NPC is rediculis, Do u know how many troops it takes to cap one? so now we can't get them back by drafting NPC"S that actually have troops in them? so were supose to be utterly defenseless now after we cap a 12? This game is becoming a joke an it's funny that the Evony pepole can change rules as they seem fit well Change NA1 to have an attack button since u want to change things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chlarru View Post
    So Evony advertises Age 2 as having "no more bullies" and now, in order to use policies, we have to become bullies.

    Troops serve two purposes - offense and DEFENSE. Its nice to be able to have troops to defend.

    On the bright side, apparently you can still take food and gold from the NPC's. Havent tried the pop redeployment yet.

    As long as I'm complaining, Evony seems to be ambivalent about army size, which was a major complaint in Age 1. But you need a huge army to take an Historical City in the first place. Shaking my head.
    ^Yep, the only real solid use of the policies now is to re-deploy population and fill up the barracks in the HC quickly... But once again, with decreased effect the attack stat has on training time, you will never be able to empty out your queue assuming you are training something higher than warriors...
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    it is stupid to ban someone for not knowing it is an exploit drafting npc's from a historic. and its crap to not allow it.what are we benefiting from having it then? NOT A THING.

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    Thank you Evony !
    I spent 1 mil arch on taking 2 HC. And they just became worthless. Players ported away from them, I cant teleport them, they are empty and cost a bucketload of mich scripts to buildup and they can be captured as well.

    So i think they killed the whole historic city play quite effectively. There's no WAY I'm going to take a lvl14 now, its just not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikkicj View Post
    it is stupid to ban someone for not knowing it is an exploit drafting npc's from a historic. and its crap to not allow it.what are we benefiting from having it then? NOT A THING.
    The drafting from NPCs is not the exploit that was fixed. That was something else.

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    Default Poorly thought out

    It costs hundreds of thousands of troops to take a HC, and now there is no pay off for all the hard work. This seems like a knee-jerk response to some less skilled persons whining. They are only warriors, most people send them off to be killed so they don't have to feed them. The game was balanced, now it is not.

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    What's all this talk of "unlimited armies"? 12's could draft 160k/warriors a day. That was a nice little bump but less than 7hrs production in one of my non-HC cities. Those troops would be dead after just 8 trips to farm a level 8 NPC for resources. Not exactly a huge difference in my army size.

    Way off the mark here Evony.

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    Another thing that should be considered:

    If you are strong enough to cap a HC chances are that you have already colonized cities within 12miles of your lvl12 and since i believe u can only draft from a person once per day it seems to me that drafting from player cities is most of the time going to be pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElNiNoSt0rM View Post
    Saw this coming.

    I'm only going to say: No.

    Just no.

    You're one of the few people that would like this change because it actually benefits the sissy mentality that you embrace so tightly.

    EDIT: Also...down the road, people WILL have those kinds of troop numbers because the refuge camp is supposedly not functional and not intended to be functional. That will achieve something similar to what was being done here, yet you support one and don't support the other.

    I wonder...why is that?
    Again, the keyword here is BALANCED.
    Player owned Historical Cities were drafting troops at a rate to which millions per week could be drafted.
    And no, it is NOT the same as troops not going into fugitive camp. You see, it takes RESOURCES/FOOD AND TIME to train troops. This in turn creates a limiting factor. That limiting factor puts a "sea anchor" on the troop production/accumulation rate. It does not stop it but it slows it down, alot.

    But besides all that, this is the point:
    After the drafting change all players are now more or less equal. Everyone who has 10 cities with the same number of resources and barracks and population and heros can accumulate troops at more or less the same rate. Players who own Historical Cities can produce more resources and thus train more troops with less farming compared to players to do not own historical cities. Players who own historicals can also send larger waves from the rally spot. So there is still advantage to owning historicals. Lots of advantages.

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    I can kind of see blocking the drafting of Historical Cities. But to block the drafting of Regular NPC's just doesn't make much sense. Getting 40K warriors a draft is def not in any sense overpowering - hell they are just warriors. They were great for farming Level 6-9's to level heroes but damn, not much use otherwise. I think Evony needs to tweak this a little and allow the draft from regular NPC's. Otherwise - as what others have said - it will just be a very pretty looking static city.


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