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  • Same as before it was a good system

    137 61.43%
  • Same as before but with caps or lower percent drafts from other HCs

    62 27.80%
  • Dont Bring it Back i want to just be able to port the HCs and chase players worth drafting

    11 4.93%
  • I like the Change no more drafting from NPCs/HCs

    9 4.04%
  • Other

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Thread: Suggestions on How to Improve HC Drafting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detnyj View Post

    Arggg for F sakes. and just as I took a 12. whats the point of them now evony?

    And Here I was thinking just last week envoy has been stable with core mechanics and thats what they had going for them. as opposed to other games.

    Change it back asap.

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    Yes. I just drafted 102 workers. THAT made the cost of this thing completely worth it....


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    What a dumb move..... whats the point of owning a HC now? They say they changed it so ppl couldn't have huge army..... is it just me, or wouldn't it be a better idea to make troops refuge if they can't support there army?

    Evony has done some dumb things in the past, but taking away the appeal of owning a HC is probably the worse to date, they should have just removed them from the map, b/c they are really pointless, i'd rather port beside someone and hit them fast, then to give my enemy 2+ hours to prepare for my 120-150k we just playing age1 w/o an attack button......way to alienate your paying customers evony....... I think it's time to go back to age1, or one of evony competitors.

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    I do not see any reason to continue playing as long as many of my other alliance members. This one action may just ruined any interest I have in continuing to play this game. If it is not brought back in some form I am done.


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    Well that's that, guess i'll take these 6 million archers I just built to take this 16 and I'll destroy as many noob players as I can.

    What is the point of playing Age 2 if HCs cant draft anyone?????????? Have you guys played this game, anyone who has good troops will just teleport the second they get drafted.

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    but at least the babies are happy

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    Default bring back the draft

    Bring back the draft to NPC... this change has made owning a HC pointless.... I now have 4 immobile city that do nothing for me, I'd much rather port in beside someone and send 100k waves at someone then to march my 150k wave 2 hours across the map.

    Think this move has alienated the paying customers more then then anything else, which is why the change is so mind-boggling.... why drive away your paying customers with such a change? I know it was to make it so there wasn't such big war army's, but really wouldn't refuge be better? this was the solution in age1, and it worked perfect, it really was the perfect way to keep large army's in check......then age2 comes along and you think, and your great idea is to take away refuge, and then make dumb changes to good game mechanics to try and keep army sizes in check when the reality is there is no limit to the size of the army we can have w/o refuge.....

    I know we have all seen the 16's on our servers with huge army's, taking away the NPC draft won`t change this, if you don`t have refuge they are still gonna be drafting from large player army, and with no refuge it`s gonna be the same problem.

    Really the only real solution is to bring back refuge... why the developers couldn`t see this unlimited army size problem w/o refuge a mile away blows my mind, but to change a good game mechanic to avoid putting refuge back into the game is mind-boggling and in the end won't really change the way ppl that have 16's already will play the game,they will still field 10 mil archers+ with zero food and will keep growing this army daily, they just draft and nvr worry about food, b/c they don't need it to feed there troops, if they need to move there troops around, well they just sell wood, or iron, and buy just enough to move the troops, or attack, and nvr really have to worry about anyone challenging there dominance, b/c everyone else needs to farm npc's all day to build troops..... guys with 16's will just get bigger, and bigger and nvr really worrying about paying for there player drafted troops, well everyone with 12's, and 14's will be stuck with immobile city's with little, to no point in owning other then to be drafted from daily from the 16 of the state.

    In the end the change to drafting NPC's will only make owning a 12, or 14 pointless, and will not change the way ppl with 16's play, they will just keep growing, and will be unstoppable w/o refuge. Was it always the intent of the developers to nvr have 16's change hands? b/c without refuge they nvr will.
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    Anything to keep them paying customers happy, eh Evony?

    Oh wait. I have put money into this game. And I'm not happy about this? Perhaps I'm defective?

    At least they put an end to cheats like the guy I won't name. Other than that, the batting average here is still waaaaaaay low.
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    This is absolutely horrible. I'm on the verge of leaving Evony. What's the point of Age II now? This is dumb. I don't even know what I'll do with my guide.


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