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  • Same as before it was a good system

    137 61.43%
  • Same as before but with caps or lower percent drafts from other HCs

    62 27.80%
  • Dont Bring it Back i want to just be able to port the HCs and chase players worth drafting

    11 4.93%
  • I like the Change no more drafting from NPCs/HCs

    9 4.04%
  • Other

    4 1.79%
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Thread: Suggestions on How to Improve HC Drafting

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    We'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions and input. To make way for the poll in the On-Topic section (right below this one) by Dawnseeker, we would be closing this one. You'll find three options you can vote on over there, and you're free to give constructive feedback and/or more suggestions in conjunction with your choice.

    You'll find the said thread here:

    Please remember that you have to be a member of the On-Topic group before you can post there. To join this group, go to your User CP and click on Group memberships. You will see the On-Topic group there. Apply and state your reason and if you qualify, an Evony representative will approve your application so you can start posting/voting in the open threads in the On-Topic section.

    Before you apply or start posting, make sure to take a pit stop in this thread:

    If your application hasn't been approved yet / you have been rejected / you feel that what you're going to post won't be appropriate for the On-Topic section, feel free to post your thoughts and what-nots regarding NPC drafting in this thread:

    Again, thanks for your feedback!
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