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Thread: Leadership tests

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    ya hitting a 10 is all about a 1 400k warriors defender stack, you going to take that down with the attack faster than the intel cause you might save 1-2 rounds inside the battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo View Post
    is this your own pet theory or are you mixing-up what someone else once told you? you have them back to front but I'm happy to see any reports you have to prove otherwise
    I would ask you the same thing

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    okay, it's too late right now but tomorrow I'll run some battles and post reports that will support the flat life increase formula, though if you'd bothered to look at woldere's first 2 reports you'd realise that increasing defence by 1% (the difference in the 2 heroes intelligence) wouldn't make that amount of difference. no doubt you'll have evidence to support your theory too...


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