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Thread: I can't complete the quest :S

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    Default I can't complete the quest :S


    I have a silly question. I'm trying to complete a quest that might be the easiest one and for one reason I can't do it.
    It says "choose the capital city on the map and scout it" I have done it like thousand of times and nothing happens. Do I have to scout everysingle capital city or Atlantis, or what do I have to do?

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    you need to scout the correct city..correct lvl I mean.

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    IIRC the quest makes you do 4 different scouts (in order):

    A level 12 historical city (every 18 miles)
    A level 14 historical city (every 66 miles)
    A level 16 historical city (one per state)
    A level 18 historical city (Atlantis @ 0 , 0)

    You only need to SEND the scouts to complete the quest. As soon as you start marching the quest will pop up as completed and you can recall. If you aren't sure what level a city is, click on it from the map and hold your mouse over "Historica...." under the picture. A little popup will come up and say "Historical City Level XX".

    Hope this helps.


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