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Thread: Ideas to make up for HC changes

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    Default Ideas to make up for HC changes

    I am trying this agian in the hope that some one comes up with a solution to keep people from quitting.. ive already lost a vice host and a presbyter. i did not appreciate the way the last thread was closed. i do realise the moderators point, but i feel it was handled indelicately. as ive stated in a prior post, i am not opposed to the drafting changes, only that it was handled poorly, and it took something away from my friends who have worked hard and are now quitting

    sugestions, listed in no appernt order, other then the first two witch should be immidiate.

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    5. allow HC owners to coordinate attacks so that they land at the same second and count as one attack

    6. give troops from HCs a substantialy faster attacking speed (since they cant be moved)

    7. give troops based in an HC (owned troops only not reinforcements) a substantial defence bonus, one that is negated when being attackied by anouther HC

    8. allow HC to be selectivly teleported, meaning, allow me to change the location of my HC with the location of anouther NPC HC (would work with 12s for a good long time, not so much for 14s and not at all for 16s)

    9. create new quests just for peopel who have HC that allow one or more of the options above as a reward. or some other rewards that no one has thought of yet

    10. increase the population of cottages in HC (as even if you made them go up to 12 or 16 no one would be able to spend the scripts) to make the resource productin they are capable of a viable option instead of a worthless feature that no one uses

    11. in the future remove cataphract from the defenders.. waiting forever for a city to have the right defenders and then haveing an imoble city just seems to be insult to injury

    12, ive got probably 100 more, but i get the feeling that nothing i say will strike a coord, so maybey let the owners of HCs participate in server wide polls (or even game wide) about the future of evony.

    13, lower the defenders of level 14s, to make them more inline with the cost/benefit ratio of a 12 (though this wouldnt help curent owners of 14s ) i can take a 12 with 3-400k loses, 14s cost me 1.5 million i get 80k wars with a 12 and 120k with the 14, with the exception of takeing a 16 (and you only realy need 1 14 to do so) the increased rally spot has no value makeing 14s 4x more expensive for very little value added

    I am not threatening to quit over drafting or attacking changes, i am saying if somethign isnt done, you are going to lose many players in the first wave, and then many more in the second as alliances crumble, friends leave, and people become despondent.

    Phobia, host of Terror Na11 taker of 6 level 14s and 15 level 12s, and less then a week from takeing paris before this debacle.

    this is NOT a demand, these are sugestions for ways to improve the game.. without viable historic cities, ageII is in trouble. And yes, people who own HCs SHOULD have more power then people who dont.. otherwise what is the point?

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    sweet suggestions
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    Nerfing the draft to 5% is annoying but I can deal with it.

    If they wanna keep it at 5% thats fine, but allow 14s to draft from 12s ect.

    This way they are limiting drafts by 50%. Not cutting down 14s and up drafting ability 75%+ without warning.

    But with the two changes in one it makes 14s pretty much useless. I would rather just grab a couple more 12s than be bothered with a 14.

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    After talking about a few things with me fellow alliance members, we concluded that 12s are still reasonable to take, but the cost ratio to benefits from a 14 and 16 (and 18 when we get there) isn't really worth it. Unless you're protecting other 12s or 14s or securing the state, there really isn't much of a benefit. Sadly, with HCs fubared and actual gameplay becoming compromised through makes HCs less attractive. But in order to protect my other 12s, I'll have to take this 14 when I can.

    And on a side note, I've seen a lot of people leave and go inactive. Doubt they were all HC owners, but many people have become discouraged from the un-announced changes. Would be interesting to see a chart showing how many people actually left all together from all servers.

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    Or if the draft being dropped to 5% was b/c of player complaints. Make player drafts 5% but NPC drafts back to 10%.

    There definitely needs to be some benefit. The rally bonus is nice, but if my target is 200 miles away, it really does me no good since they will have 14 weeks to prepare for my attack.

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    Thanks for making a list, this should be where Evony looks for ideas.

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    I only disagree with 5, everything else sounds fine. Good job
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