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Thread: Until another day everybody

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    Default Until another day everybody

    In my server, it's gotten to a point where like... everybody is friendly, even the people on my hostile list are friendly x.x How is that even possible? Anyway, I'm going to be taking my leave now, on both forum as well as the game.

    To all those people who had their suggestions shot down by me. Sorry, but either use the search button or at least play like a pro before whining about being a noob.

    To everyone on the Evony community, I wish you all the best, have fun gaming and chillin you know? Doing whatevs you guys think is best.

    I'll be leaving but don't worry, I'll be back (I can hear the haters thinking, "Nooooo don't come baaaaaack" but it's okay <3)

    Time to go back on, deconstruct fortifications, close gates, and (I can hear Japanpimp cheering and parading somewhere in the back) become a colony for the benefit of ally.

    Farewell everyone, love you all
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    May not have known you well but have a nice life outside of Evony [PyV].

    Hope you return to the forums someday.

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    From what I have seen you were a good forum poster. In your server you sould go rogue....cya, gl in the real world.

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    Even though you critiqued my ideas harshly, i liked it (helped me evolve them to a better one). and while i didnt like much you said i respected all you said, hoope to see you back some day.
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