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Thread: Coin bought amulets vs. facebook gift amulets

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    Yeah i spin 11 amulets a day or round about.... sounds good but all i get is rubbish amounts of resources or silly stratagems. oooo exaggerate your resources 30% higher than they are.... who care they can't exactly plunder me anyway.

    But i'd prefer to have them than not to :P
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    I have gotten similar things 4 days in a row, including 1 speaker, the 7 day tax boost (the only 'BIG' win EVERY day for 4 days), lots of cast a gem/instant handover, resources and the odd resource buff.
    Its getting suspicious that I win the same kind of things daily, especially 4 x7 day tax boosts, possible close to usless, only slightly better than the 10x7 day stone buffs I have no use for.
    And I win almost daily one of the energy boosts for heroes. and can anyone get enough Helm of robinhoods? well if you want them I have plenty, as I get 1 or two daily.

    I get excited if I win a 24 hour corselet once a week.

    Just wanted to say I won today the 1 speaker (twice), energy, the resources, crappy strats (you know the ones), and the SAME 7 day Tax policy (thats 5 days of the same thing).
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    Some people in my alliance say they`ve noticed a difference but i never have

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    I agree!! money talks

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    I think there should be an Item in cash shop with description. use it to make ur achievement buffs work effective for 30 min price 300 cents.

    comon this game is turning into endgame where owners are trying pocket everything they can before running to moon.

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    I've been playing about 2 weeks and using every amulet I can find, my best haul was a five pack of On War (which I have to admit, I think it's pretty good).

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    I get resources everyday and some random civilian wins 1000 cents :x Well resources aren't that bad if they maybe increased the amount you get 200k food is -.-

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    ive had people say they are minor fortune packs cuz they dont give the better stuff as often... honestly, buy an ammy and open a fortune pack...they stack so do the math

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    i think its just random. if u win big great if not darn. lol i never win anything good.
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    Yes i believe its completely random still.
    I don't buy amulets but have won some nice items.
    9/10 times though its food.
    But maybe that 1 in 10 times.... its an adv tax policy hehe.
    But a friend of mine on an ageII server (21 free amulets a day) Won 1k cents twice in a row. This was truly a "I really hate you right now" situation lol.
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