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Thread: Sometime next week

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    Default Sometime next week

    when I'm finally not lagged on NA1 my attack on a flat my finally finish.

    Anyone else having a lovely laggy nite on this hideous excuse for a game server?

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    Default Lag around 0,0

    I know theres alot of lag around 0,0 maybe ur city is near there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xMichealx View Post
    I know theres alot of lag around 0,0 maybe ur city is near there.
    lol i dont think there can be lag in a specific part of the typically only get lag on a map if you click and drag too far, keep your mouse on the actual map when you drag
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    actually there is a lot of lag around 0.0 but Im not around there, the game is just horribly laggy today . Other servers are not just NA1

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    Funny since i moved a city right next to 0,0 it doesn't lag for me any more, but it used to be hell, now its ok, my server just prob dying.

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    Tons of lag here on NA23, My little research bar and about 5 return and attack bars are filled up, but they aren't doing anything but just sitting there, so I can't build or get my troops back in my city... It is really annoying.
    Why did you attack me???

    Needed lumber. :P


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