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Thread: ELITE NA19 (Gather up)

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    Default ELITE NA19 (Gather up)

    Remember NA19 when there was a massive war and my alliance ELITE
    (my in-game name was Lanter)abbadoned well i i though i could make this thread
    so that yall fellow players of ELITE could meet again coz on na19 were all spilt so hopefull there is sombody out there from ELITE

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    1 second from your city. I am Death Incarnate and about to colonise you while you read this.


    I heard that one of you guys paid the host back for betraying SIN alliance WAY WAY back on an early server (w12). Good on you. He was masterbeast who punished your host I think.
    I was on W12 in SIN and remembered what happened there, the traitor jumped into a rival alliance afterwards. Nice to see that he finally got what was long deserved.
    Scythe on S3, W12, etc.
    Scyther S128 Retired..
    Scythe NA4 Retired..
    RuinUrDay S146 (Retired).
    +REP me if I helped you.


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