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Thread: September 11: Increased Drops and War Declaration Fix

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    Default Changing the Game

    Increasing the drop rates of medals for noobs, while turning off all the 5% Food Bonusus on NA1... that is how Evony changes the rules to gain money in mid stream.

    Spend money to get ahead, Evony cuts the drafting power in half, that is how Evony changes the rules to gain money in mid stream.

    The truth is that Evony is a company that hides behind bugs, while deliberately changing the game to see what causes people to spend more money.

    Its a business, but it is also a very shady business with no customer ethics.

    If on Evony we are King, then the King is just fake word for Sheep to be shorn.
    Born under a bad sign, escaped with a dark cloud overhead, searching with a lantern for one honest person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shn View Post
    Where do you get load of armor scripts and other things (npc or valleys and what levels) and from which server are you????
    Server 19 and the scripts are dropping from NPC 9s and 10s for me because that's all I hit. They may be in other locations also.

    If anyone finds mats somewhere though, I'll start hitting valleys or whatever it takes. I have 5 armor scripts that are useless without materials and I'm done spending money on this game.

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    For those that say they have got a materials drop, Please post a battle report.

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    Default that great but what about the medals

    adding those possible rewards is great but what about the medals issue i have attacked all levels of npc's and valleys almost a thousand times and i have yet to receive medals or scripts or thing that we can actually use to better our player or to better our cities, you need to work on this i have played age 1 and age 2 and the age 2 drop rate really stinks what are you trying to do force us to buy in. fix the drop rate and we would be much happier

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    One of the problems is that Evony is blatantly advertised as "...Play for FREE forever..."

    Sure you can play for free, but it is made virtually impossible to get beyond a certain level without spending money.

    I played in Age I last year until I got to a point where I was having no fun and arbitrarily quit. A couple of months ago I decided to check and see what was going on in my server as it was getting tons of NPC when I quit. No surprise, when I checked in it was nothing but NPC, like weeds. But I noticed the Age II, so decided to give it a shot. I finally spent $5 on one of their special offers, and then when it was reset I sent another $5 to get it again.

    However, spending $30 a crack is not in the plans, and it amazes me that Evony would think that is a normal "buy-in" price for players, especially in the current economy.

    I will echo the comments on the Lost Armor Scripts. There's a great drop on Delicate and Flawless Gems in Longbow server, and adding drop on raw materials it cool, but what's the good of it, if there's no real drop on the Lost Armor Script? I've had one drop in playing Age II for something like 2 months.

    And as for Rose Medals? If I hadn't purchased the two packages I had, I'd still be stuck with one city. Sure, Evony needs to be able to make money, and I don't begrudge them that, but when you advertise a game is playable for free you need to make it playable in the long run for those people that are going to spend little, or no, money.

    That explains it! Vanbo is holding them all. Drops not going to increase as there's a finite number of medals and they're all in Vanbo's purse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanbo View Post
    See lots of posts here asking for medal drop increase to go along with it.

    I have over 5000 medals and almost no materials. I like the change the way it is.
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    all we get from this knw is delicate gems really gettin annoying?

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    Thanks Evony for the increase in drop rates for these items.

    I'm sure it comes down to :
    - if you want to level up quick to get an advantage then spend money
    - if you want to level up by farming then get active.
    - if your very actively farming and cannot get these medals then your technique is not working or start colonising people for buff.

    Not hard to farm for medals if you are active. Never paid money and I got to Furstin in about 3 months. Now I've only got 10 cross medals to go for donations quest, and the rest are finished ( except Justice medals and Nation ) which I'll get when I concerntrate on this quest pretty easily.

    There is a reason for those ginseng potions on the wheel you know.... yes farming is extremely boring, but hey so is watching the build time tick down while you twiddle your thumbs

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    Wow to people saying that they won't make money if they allow items to be sold are truly idiots i've seen this system in games and they made that game become rich or players have to earn really hard to buy the cs items of course thats a mmorpg but the system they have it players spend like $30-$50 buying items then selling it back in game for high price or just to spend money and buy ingame money they they allow user to set the worth of the money they spent for example let's say the $1 = 1 cent (of course thats not correct it's an example) and in the game to buy that it will cost what ever the player choose to sell at for example 1 cent i'll sell it at 1 million gold in game now the seller profit, game profit $1x estimated players who bought the cent and sold it, example $1 x 200,000 they've just earned $200,000 dollars or euro which ever. now what they normally suggest you to buy is $30 imagine everyone bought $30 just to sell it in game to earn gold to buy even more resource or items there money would be rolling at a much faster rate now and trust me even though you think people won't go for that there are people who actually will do that

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    Default free game right in the title

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntahh View Post
    How do u spend loads of cash on rose medals? A jnr medal box is only $8
    Credit card cowboys don't get that in the real world you expect "free" to mean just that- Free. The game has it's moments but it claims to let you play for free. There should be ways to get it all without spending $8 or even $1.

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    Default Drop rate?

    The drop rate a on ss12 and then ss48 has been non existent since they opened. I and the thousands of other players would greatly appreciate this being fixed. We have all agreed that even1% would be better than the current 0% that its at now. Please address this post.


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