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Thread: September 11: Increased Drops and War Declaration Fix

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    Kudos for finally putting these drops in Evony.

    And stop whining, not everybody in this game has money to spare on it. Medal drop rates suck, thats just part of the game, Farm and you will succeed. I havnt bought a single medal and am a furstin.

    If anything this update gives players who cannot spend money on the game a bigger incentive to keep playing. It gets boring after a while having your lvl 100 heros get trounced because some1 has spent alot of money to get high level gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lycurgus View Post
    Kudos for finally putting these drops in Evony.
    But have they put the drops in? That's the claim, yes, but I haven't seen anyone post evidence of it yet. I farm all day long, and get all kinds of other things, medals, micky scripts, lost armor scripts, hero huntings, speakers, holy water, gems....but not one single material.

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    I got an iron ore yesterday on NA 23.

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    More recent patch notes here:
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