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Thread: September 11: Increased Drops and War Declaration Fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valium10 View Post
    On na 23 with 400/400 colonization buff, after attacking 1000+ lvl 1-5 Cites and 30 lvl6 NPC attacks and 16 lvl 8 attacks, and losing lots of warriors I could not get 1 Honor medal to become Baron, Now I have dropped the idea of hoping any reasonable thing happening in this game anymore. so playing just for pure fun, no intentions whatever so ever to spend even a single cent on this game, where Greed is increasing like a Jackpot on bingo website, every sec it increases in points.
    isn't it obvious that if one method doesnt work maybe you should try something new after awhile instead of wasting your time?? you can get them to drop.... plenty of other people have... i get them every once in awhile just from farming NPC's not trying...

    and everyone else is wasting their time trying to suggest the sell back or trade up market... they would never make any money if they did that... i have been playing this game around a year and people have been begging for that since before i started playing... not gonna happen...

    also rose medals will drop if you look in the right places... just gotta know how and where to find them... it's not an issue of drop rate, it's an issue of technique instead of blindly throwing your troops out there and hoping for the best.

    Thank you Evony for those changes they do help in most cases. Next can you work on the lag???? thats the only issue i have with age II right now lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by princestonewolf View Post
    Why not slightly increase the drop rates of the armor scripts to go along with that, and on servers like na19 it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get rose medals without spending lots of cash. Work on one thing at a time guys come on here some of us are addicted so we see it all. lmao.
    wrong, you're just not farming correctly

    and thanks for materials update!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxODINxXx View Post
    and everyone else is wasting their time trying to suggest the sell back or trade up market... they would never make any money if they did that... i have been playing this game around a year and people have been begging for that since before i started playing... not gonna happen...
    Actually this isn't completely true. A lot of people will purchase stuff in real life and sell to players for in game money just to get ahead in game. It happens in World of Warcraft all the time. They'll still make money, just those without money, like me, will be able to play more of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntahh View Post
    How do u spend loads of cash on rose medals? A jnr medal box is only $8
    thats all point of view
    maybe u like spending 8 dollars on a few medals.... Others do not.
    You can't assume everyone is/thinks like yourself
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    Well, all1 server must have a lot of those 1% players with maxed out gear then.

    I would love to see hero gear go up to lv.15 instead of capped at 10. Good incentive to cap h-heroes, use for more materials and more cash for evony !


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    Half info about the materials.

    Thank you for the gesture, would be great if you un-nerf the 16s too.

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    Default Great

    but how about fixing normal in game issues as well....things like massive chat lag (and yes I have done everything that was recommended) it seems to effect most if not all players....attacks that get frozen at the gates...customer service response time when a ticket is issued for in game issues....(i have had some go unanswered and are closed out) quest resetting so you have to do them again (i am a colonel and viscount but now have to complete the colonel quest again to make it to general) ...oh yeah..and for those that spend money to get the chest and key how about delivering it. I know of 5 people that have spent money for coin and got nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopster View Post
    Anything with age1?
    Don't make me lol.
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    I always hear people complain about no medal drops...and agree some servers are worse than others...but every server i have played on I have been able to find medals....try a lvl 1 npc with 850 warriors...switch out heroes if you need (some say it doesnt work but my intel hero got 80% of my medals...could be just a coincidence) but i found 7 or so honor medals on those.
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    I notice a lot of crying on this forum. Evony does us a favor and drops materials from NPCs and takes away the limitations on how to achieve them and everyone complains about it.
    I will say that I am very happy to see this change, now I will not get so aggrivated when I get ANOTHER strategem from the wheel and not some iron ore.
    Thank you to all the game designers who finally decided to put this into action. As for the people crying about it: Really?! Go find someone's blog on politics, cause obviously you are only here to complain about ANYTHING. Evony gives us a perk and you cry? WOW!!!

    Thanks again Evony for you hard work at TRYING to make this game better for the cry babies.

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