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Thread: ALOT of medals a day using scouts

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    Default ALOT of medals a day using scouts

    Hello all i have fineally figured out the best way to get medals. SENDING SCOUTS!(this guide is only for newer server i do not know if it will work on old ones)

    I mainly send them to lv 8 valleys and when i do i send 45-50k scouts watch for this combination: Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen/Archers/and Cavalry(this will cause around 5-10k damage depending on how many pikeman and cavs there are). It can also be done with out the cav, i got 5 medals in around 5 min of farming. You must capture the valley but if you dont it will still work but then you have to wait a while for troops to regenerate. so i scout it(optional because sending tht many scouts will give you a max loss of only 10k scouts.), capture it, release it, and repeat. I use a high intel hero which does help according to my observations and testing. And it doesnt matter wht valley it is all valleys give all medals its just some give a higher drop rate for certain medals.

    So far this is what ive gotten i keep records in a journal so i can show you everything i used and what i got. and i only did a total of 20 attacks on both a lvl 8 desert and a lvl 8 swamp, i only hit the desert 5 times though. then i quit farming cause i like to keep over 200k scouts at least.

    Medal earned Valley Lvl of valley Troops sent
    Honor Swamp 8 59986 Scouts
    Lion Desert 8 45000 Scouts
    Nation Swamp 8 19802Scouts
    Nation Swamp 8 10655 Scouts

    What valleys have the highest drop rate for each medal(but remember you can get any medal from any valley):

    Swamp= Nation
    freedom medals= swamps
    Courage medals=forests
    Wisdom Medals(rare)=havent gotten 1 yet
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    Hmm.. Anyone else tried this? What can be the minimum amount of scouts for a lvl 7 valley.

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    Reports are blank, screen shot them next time.

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    sorry im not an expert on posting picks the html code is off so i think thts y they didnt show

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    DBSBala u can use a minimum of 10k scouts on a lvl 7 but there are usually more losses

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    I have been getting about every medal from level 10 flats, I sent 100k scouts.. was taking about 20-50k scouts each hit, but I got the medals I needed..

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    I would like to see screenies for this.
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    i havent had the time to get this many scouts up yet, but i have found another way to farm. if u send 500 scouts and 500 cavs to a lvl 1-3 forest. ive found 3 honor medals that way. it takes some time i only found 2 in around 100 attacks, but they do help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness5577 View Post
    I have been wanting to get into this practice (using scouts to medal farm), but I haven't had the time.... I would be VERY interested in hearing more about this type of medal farming, and a more detailed guide
    Agreed with Sheppy....hit me up with some reports and info;-)

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    ima try this sounds like it works
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