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    Quote Originally Posted by joda View Post
    Thats only 4 lvl 10 NPCs ... or 24 lvl 5s either way it shouldnt take 2 hours to farm that
    lol i just found out i can farm 10s lmbo... hehehe only 5k arch loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    I'm not sure if there was a counterpoint in there. But, if it will make you happy, then I yield the dispute to put an end to this tangent. You win.
    I won!
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    LMAO that kiki is a real winner isn't he? Taking cities while others can't get on is a real accomplishment.
    <18:45>[bubbles123]: Id like to do it with a blunt weapon

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    Okay wtf... I couldn't log in all yesterday? And still can't today? Something needs to be done this is beyond taking the pzz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanaki View Post
    Error 404 is easily solved, that is your internet, jst reload ya internet modem
    actually it's not because it's happening a lot, and we did that.
    cleared the cache etc.
    it only happens when evony's down, but thanks anyway
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    This thread was in reference to an Evony wide outage on 23SEP10. If a major occurance happens again im sure we will have another thread, but for now i am closing this thread. PM if this is still a widespread issue but based on the lack of reports in the last 16 hours i presume there is no lingering widespread issue.

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