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Thread: September 25: Camp Time and Holiday Mode Changes

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    Default September 25: Camp Time and Holiday Mode Changes

    Here are the most recent game updates:

    September 25

    • Changed: Maximum camp time for troops is now 24 hours.
    • Changed: Players may now enter Holiday Mode while under attack, however incoming attacks will still hit.
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    Cool story bro!

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    ty much for this dawnseeker

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    man only 24hours camp time *sigh* does that mean you can still do 42 hour attacks?

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    I don't see the need for such a high camptime, it provides no benefit to the game play.

    But going in holiday while under attack is a good thing, making it in line with truce!

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    well how about camp time changing after refreshing makes it hard to take a lvl 12 city

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    Default Good change but...

    Can you fix camp time so that the troops return at normal time? Instead of including the camp time on the return trip. This has been a problem for quite some time.

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    are you talking about age1 or age2?

    i have heard holiday mode hasnt functioned for age2?

    and let me guess, it doesnt apply to HCs i bet lol

    i would hope you rewrite the Truce Agreement for age2 since it doesnt state that it will not protect an HC. or is this a bug?

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