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Thread: September 25: Camp Time and Holiday Mode Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyRider View Post
    I have read this thread 3 times... and it is still unclear to me about Historic Cities & Holiday Mode....
    I am planning to visit my sister in California.... Will Holiday Mode keep my lvl 12 from being captured or won't it...
    Or do i need to hand it off to someone else before i go ???

    I have put too much work into it to lose it and would prefer not to have to worry about another in the alliance protecting it while i am gone....

    Can i get a clear answer to this question please....


    Beleive the one dawnseeker says... Generally the Evony Rep is right when it comes to evony...

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    In age 2 why can't you take a flat, create a city and NPC it and have it there the next day?


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