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Thread: September 25: Camp Time and Holiday Mode Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyHope View Post
    neko, I also have had to use holiday more often the past couple of months (so this does help one aspect), so yes kudos for the fix....although in the spirit of this being a war game, I also feel that a truce should be used before holiday thus allowing legitimate attacks to be done.
    It gets tiring repeating myself. I'm not venting or angry with you, just saying that it's tiring...because what you just stated has already been refuted multiple times.
    If you read the change, attacks that were launched, legitimate or not, prior to when holiday was enabled, are allowed to land. This means that holiday mode behaves exactly like truce. Using holiday does not mean that people can just enable it and escape a "legitimate" attack that had already been sent. That is a misconception.

    What the abuse was previously is that people would send repeated nuisance attacks, like what you're being subjected to, that would last longer than any possibility of trucing to outlast the incoming attacks.


    Attack 1 - lands in 1 hour
    Attack 2 - lands in 12 hours 59 minutes
    Attack 3 - lands in 24 hours 59 minutes
    Attack 4 - lands in 36 hours 59 minutes
    Attack 5 - lands in 48 hours 59 minutes
    Attack 6 - lands in 60 hours 59 minutes

    Hopefully you see the point there, that if that kind of camp time is used, then the person never has a point in time where they do not have an attack inbound, thus they simply cannot use holiday.

    Another example is a massive camp time:

    Attack 1 - lands in 500 hours
    Attack 2 - lands in 999 hours and 59 minutes

    Again, I understand that some people don't like the ability for those that they want to attack to use holiday, but frankly that's a different discussion. The ability exists, and unfortunately some malcontents were interfering with people who had legitimate real life issues who wanted to use Holiday to deal with those real life issues by not allowing them to use something which they were willing to spend money to do.

    I think it needs to be repeated that Holiday generally costs people real money, as winning cents on the wheel on a consistent basis is not likely for the vast majority of players.

    My concern is more that players are allowed to abuse and harass the system, that this player has an alternate account, something that evony states are not allowed, has had ample time to address the matter and has done nothing but send me the standard "thank you for your submission".
    As for multi-accounting, I completely agree. Instead of addressing that issue, Evony has decided to, in regards to Age I, clear out NPCs every week, thus enabling more multi-accounts to occupy the server. If they are going to have the "rule" that you are only supposed to have one account per server, then they should:

    1) Get that rule into the Terms and Conditions page and not just buried on these forums in the Game Rules topic.

    2) Actually enforce the rule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neko_lord View Post
    A bunch of not relevant to the post stuff

    it's not about the holiday mode, it's about camp time with the huge travel time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrenb209 View Post
    it's not about the holiday mode, it's about camp time with the huge travel time
    Darren, please understand that there are MULTIPLE ways that player abuse can happen with camp time.

    I'm defending the change made because I've seen players with 1 city laugh about how they are preventing someone from using Holiday, when that person has a legitimate real life issue, such as a death in the family, a business trip, extra time needing to be spent at work, etc...

    The fact of the matter is that this was the reason for this particular change made to camp and holiday. The changes made were not intended as a panacea ("cure-all"), but only to address the issue of being able to holiday.

    That said, yes, there are other things that are exploitative. However, like you did your "snip and alter" routine, those things were not the objective for these changes to address, thus those issues are the issues that are technically "off topic" to the thread.

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    No, it's the post you are quoting had nothing to do with what you typed.

    we all agree (all smart people) the holiday mode change is good.

    the post you quoted was about a long travel time, and camp time issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Holiday Mode has a minimum 2 day period, so I don't think people will be entering it to escape attacks. If they do, they won't be able to login for 2 days. If that somehow becomes a problem, we can address it then, but we try to make changes as incrementally as possible to minimize the impact.
    Already happened many times since the change on our server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bstag View Post
    Already happened many times since the change on our server.

    people go into holiday mode for two reasons right now

    1. they get suspended.
    2. under attack, and don't realise they can't do anything

    (I mean other than normal reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrenb209 View Post
    the post you quoted was about a long travel time, and camp time issue
    If the person had not typed the words that I quoted, then how would I have quoted them?

    I don't know why you're chosing to make a fuss about this. If someone makes the choice of sending a super-long range attack, yes, they can stack a camp time of 24 hours on top of that. The discussion then leads into whether or not the super-long range attacks should be allowed, which then makes that a different topic of discussion.

    If someone wants there to be a discussion about making a maximum total march time, including the camp time, then they are free to make another thread about it, either here or in the Game Suggestions area.

    Again, I am defending the changes made as to how they relate to what they were intended to correct. The changes were not meant to be a cure-all for every issue that involves camp time or long-range marches.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I needed to Holiday last week had 5 500 hour attacks on 5 different cities.Took some creative work to get in holiday. I do not holiday often but the few times I have needed to I have had issues. It is nice to know I now have the option no matter what games people want to play with me.

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    Default It is to laugh.

    ANYONE that is a heavy attacker, has taken down many players, and even a few alliances here and there..... We all know that holiday is just a way to hide from attacks. People have all the excuses in the world when they're getting stomped on, but plain and simple, truce and holiday are simply attempts to keep these players from being dominated in-game.

    I doubt I am the only one who has noticed how coincidentally 99% of the people that go into holiday are getting their a** handed to them. And they always have some excuse about "grandma died, my kid has leukemia, my brother was involved in a nuclear explosion.

    Anyone who legitimately uses holiday, usually are not under attack. But that is probably less than 1%. Good example, a player on my server has had at least 6 family members die in the last two months, and miraculously all 6 family members died at a time when he was getting a beat down.

    Needless to say, I agree with the other statement in this thread.... Evony is once again ignoring the real problems with the game, but still protecting their revenue stream.

    And to those of you sitting on here arguing back and forth.... Evony has proven multiple times, they don't care much for our opinions, so stop embarassing yourself, leave your comment, walk away, and ignore the rest. Just enjoy all their tears, and sadly, yes, we are now to a point where forcing someone into holiday must be considered a victory..... because plain and simple.... the people that hide in holiday, spend so much darn money that if you're waiting for them when they come out of holiday, they will simply go return to holiday.

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    Default What is the point of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by thetazzman View Post
    can you fix camp time so that the troops return at normal time? Instead of including the camp time on the return trip. This has been a problem for quite some time.
    why was this feature put in in the first place?


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