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Thread: Zep's HH Toplist

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    Default Zep's HH Toplist

    Hello Age2 players!
    As I promised, I was going to release more in depth guides and lists on Historical Heroes.
    Here is the latest installment! I hope you enjoy it, it took me QUITE a while!

    I am not responsible for your HHs stats if you capture it, I reserve the right to make mistakes! Some leadership, or base stats may be off by 1 or 2 stat points, since some bases were done at level 1, and others at level 0.

    The algorithm I used for these rankings is very simple:
    ATK+INT+LEADERSHIP, I then arrange them by who has most!
    This is, of course, an updated Attack Effectiveness Ranking System.
    They are arranged best, to worst. Since I do not have a complete list of every historical hero, I can't make it 100% accurate. But this is as close as it gets!

    Keep in mind this is only my second guide, go easy on me

    Big thanks to 0Spawn0 for giving me alot of information to work with
    Big thanks to Acer5200 for helping with the spreadsheet!
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    Thanks WN1 Hit for the sig!

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    Reserved also...
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    Veryyy nice, It'll help alot for sure.

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    you might wanna check places 38 & 62... same hero, same stats..


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    Quote Originally Posted by DeVerm View Post
    you might wanna check places 38 & 62... same hero, same stats..

    thanks for catching that... its still needs some editing lol
    thats supposed to be a different hero

    Fixed and Updated!
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    Bump for great justice!

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    Great list, but I have two more HH's that should be on there:

    Heinrich von Hohenlohe
    At level 1 : 89 Atk, 73 Int, 117 = 279

    Huayna Capac
    At level 1 : 87 Atk, 67 Int, 116 = 270

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    Oh and btw, i would like to point out that a hero with leadership of 189 can effectively lead the largest possible wave in the game, a ensigned wave from Atlantis. So higher leadership bases, like 130, are really quite pointless...

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    combat isn't just about attacking from the rally spot, there's suppression/defending to take into consideration.

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