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Thread: Zep's HH Toplist

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    Got to disagree with everyone else - this is a bad thread. Much better to keep the most important information and the best tricks secret.

    Edit: Since you already published this for the best heros, guess Ill just put my own list up too.
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    NA29 - Hello Kitty
    HCs: 2 1 0 1
    HH: Vasco Nunez de Balboa - 99 atk, Aretes King of Nabata - 97 atk
    Granuaile (Grainne Ni Mhaille or Grace O'Malley) - 99 atk, William Wallace - 97 atk

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllDayXL View Post
    lol...well it isnt better then my list...just better then my public list...and the threads a wayyyyy old...either way it is a good thread....just wondering why you put the better then in it lol

    Not to mention Satan put together a list of rankings more complete publicly as well...
    I have a better private list as well
    And did Satan really? I never saw him post anything besides stuff regarding Historic Cities.
    Quote Originally Posted by 0Spawn0 View Post
    Allday.. Blame a certain moderator who likes changing names, I can't give out info I'm swore to the secret
    Erm... yeah. It wasn't me AllDay
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    theres some real nice ones out there I still havent seen in any HH guide here, hope it stays that way heh
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    Quote Originally Posted by REET View Post
    theres some real nice ones out there I still havent seen in any HH guide here, hope it stays that way heh
    oh I have nearly all of them, as do alot of others... we just refuse to release em
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    well dont great idea


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    Thumbs down What?

    Quote Originally Posted by sir matt View Post
    well dont great idea

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    Default Another missing hero

    Abel of Denmark 88 Att 85 INt 120 Ldr

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    Charles Cornwallis: 84Attack 77Intel 110Leadership 260Leadership @ LvL 150
    John Hunyadi: 85Attack 77Intel 117Leadership 267Leadership @ LvL 150
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    HC: 6 2 0 0 | HH:29

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    Default Another hero

    Hamilcar Barca has 83 attack 64 int and 111 leadership
    this is fully holy watered with no points at all (leadership is would be 112 at level 1).

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    BUMPING Cause this thread is AWESOME... Lets me pick Who I wanna hit next

    MehmedII 96 Base not 91
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonhero View Post
    Like the fact that there is a "process" for luck. I bet his real process is that he hired a midget to dress up like a leprechaun and dance on his computer, wearing a necklace of rabbit feet and the number seven.
    Historical Cities: 2 2 1 0

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