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Thread: Android phone.

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    Default Android phone.

    Can u play Evony on ur droid if so what apps do I need.

    I can't figure out how I've tryed through the web

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    I don't think Evony's going to release an app for droids / iPhones anytime soon.

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    Android, unlike the iPhone I'm typing this on, has flash support for it's browser so technically if the processor is powerful enough in you phone, an you download flash or mobile flash, you could play it in the Internet browser on your phone

    I however have to remote connect my computer at home

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    People have actually already suggested and asked for this on many occasions in the past. I know droids support flash, and I'm not averse to Evony releasing an app for it, but it's been too long already without any positive hints from them. Also, I was referring to apps in general, regardless if it's for iPhone or for Android.

    If they ever release one, though, it would be more likely for Age II, like what Thalin stated in an older thread. But ... *shrugs* who knows?

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    Yes on some Android phones you can get evony to show up but it's unplayable.

    Even on a regular computer I've noticed sizing of the window issues where if I change my browser window size sometimes the bottom of the game is hidden. or when you make your browser window smaller the whole game resized to fit, rather than cutting part off and staying the same size. (really bites when trying to copy down some data)

    This size issue is magnified on the tiny phone screen especially with scrolling bringing up a menu instead of moving the game. Only good thing is one could check to see if your birdy is flashing Or might be able to pull up mail.
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    Use TeamViewer, I play Evony on my Ipod touch.
    it allows you to View your computer screen on your Ipod and move the mouse and type and so on. So really is makes your IPod a touch screen monitor.

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    I wish I could play Evony on my fone it would b so cool
    I can't find a new flash player app for my fone.

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    If they did make an app for evony they could charge a bunch of $$ for it
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    Spooner is correct I play evony on an older gen iPhone laggy but I can defend myself ,train,and talk in chat
    hopeless definitely, friendless maybe,weaponless never

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    You could try cloud browse on the iphone (not sure if it is for android). It works however it is very laggy and kicks you off randomly.


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