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Thread: Troop Production Rate

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    Default My troop production sheet

    I decided to make my own troop production sheet with a few additions. Heres a screen dump of it:

    For one i added some ideas that people suggested including separation of Military Science and Metal Casing.

    I also added All the resource cost of the troops including the Achievement reduction buffs.

    Finally an I added in the time it takes and resource cost of a certain number of troops.

    It very simple to understand how to work it... Just enter hero attack, troop type from a drop down, the amount of troops you want an estimate of time on, your academy levels, achievement buffs and finally the number of barracks in each city.

    If anyone is interested in it here is the link:

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    Joker where is your population per city input?

    Otherwise very nice format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveV View Post
    Joker where is your population per city input?
    I didnt think you needed that input to work out your production rate.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveV View Post
    Otherwise very nice format.
    Thanks I just thought it could be done a bit neater than the original way but it was still a good idea by Transcend.

    And just looking at my screen shot from my last post. In the workings section at, O29/P29, isn't the right total so just ignore that but the results are right.

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    Ok i'm a nub. Can someone explain this to me?


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