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Thread: Net Gain/Loss attacking Barbarian L.1 town

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    Default Net Gain/Loss attacking Barbarian L.1 town

    As an experiment, I attacked a L.1 Barbarian town and plundered it. I have listed my results below and my calculations for my net Gain/Loss from doing it.

    You'll know from other threads that a L.1 Barbarian town has:
    1000 Traps
    50 Warriors
    40 Pikemen
    35 Swordsmen
    15 Archers
    8 Cavalry


    Food - 100000
    Lumber - 20000
    Stone - 20000
    Iron - 20000
    Gold - 55000

    I attacked in 3 waves as quickly as I could muster them. With lag, each were a couple of minutes apart.

    Wave 1
    Warriors - 1200 (185 casualties)
    Swordsmen - 200 (all died)
    Archers - 200 (all died)
    **NOTE: I should have just sent the warriors in the first wave to eat up the traps since my Swordsmen and Archers were faster and got there first.

    Wave 2 - (3m 45s behind Wave 1, 100 Traps were rebuilt, no troops)
    Workers - 200 (17 died)
    Warrior - 400 (9 died)
    Swordsmen - 200 (10 died)
    Archers - 200 (10 died)

    Wave 3 - (2m 26s behind Wave 2, 27 Traps were rebuilt, no troops)
    Workers - 300 (2 died)
    Warriors - 358 (6 died)
    Swordsmen - 200 (5 died)
    Archers - 200 (3 died)

    My Total Plunder from all 3 waves was:
    Gold: 35709
    Food: 101652
    Lumber: 20330
    Stone: 20330
    Iron: 20330

    I calculated my net Gain/Loss by taking my total number of casualties and figuring how much Food, Lumber, and Iron it would take to replace them. Then, I looked at the marketplace for the going prices of each item. After comparing the amount of each commodity I'd plundered versus the amount I'd used up (in lost troops), I had the following net Gains/Losses:

    Food ($0.05) - <22198> (-$1109.90)
    Lumber ($0.10) - <109320> (-$10932.00)
    Stone ($0.04) - 20330 (+$813.20)
    Iron ($0.03) - <139760> (-$4192.80)
    Gold - +$35709.00

    Total GAIN - $20,287.50

    You'll have to decide for yourself if it was worth it

    I could have saved myself quite a bit by restructuring my armies and getting the waves closer together. In the end, if you could limit your casualties to 1000 Warriors and plunder every last dime (I didn't get about $20,000 in Gold since it's the last thing you get), you would have a Net Gain of about $47,900 in Gold and commodities. That, again, I would consider "best case".

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    Possible gains attacking players:
    Up to one million of each resource is the best I have seen.

    Compared to NPC towns, for a lot less losses you can get many times more resources.
    In the end, NPC towns are only good for conquering.
    Don't mind me, I'm just a few slices short of a whole cake, and a few cards full of a short deck.


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