Hello community.

I wanted to take a moment to make a brief introduction. I'm Dave and am the Product Manager for Evony. Previously I've been involved in projects ranging from World of Zoo on the Wii to titles from Activision, iWin as well as Zynga. I have a long history (started in 1997) as a designer, then went on to work as a producer, and product manager. I've been lucky enough to have a mix of consulting along with working with startups as well as large established corporations, which has helped me with developing a lot of the processes I use. My current focus is to work on making Age 2 a lot more fun through new features, changes to existing features, and working to evolve the overall presentation of the game.

Let's see... personal stuff... I live on the east coast, but grew up and went to college in the west. (Reno and San Francisco ftw.) I've got a few hobbies that I'm pretty passionate about, cooking and the brewing of beer are two of many. I'm also an artist, hunter, angler, and amateur gamer. (In the 20+ years I've gamed, I've still not figured out how to be good at FPSs.)

If you can tell a lot about a man by the games he plays... here are some of my mainstream favorites:
The Quest for Glory Series from Sierra On-Line
COD:MW from Infinity Ward
Fable 2 & 3 from Molly-gnu
Dragon Age series by Bioware
Gran Tursimo from Polyphonic

I'll participate in the forums as appropriate, and I can assure you that some neat things will be coming down the pike! I do respond to wall posts and PMs as time allows, but do not message me about CS related issues, as unfortunately, I won't be able to help you. (Besides, wouldn't you rather have me working on new features?)

Game on guys,