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    Greetings Lords and Ladies!

    In the course of reviewing the way we work with the playerbase to improve the game we determined that the current system is a little bit inefficient. Specifically it is hard for us to quantify what exactly is the best aspects of the game to work on. Currently we have the forums and the submit an idea area in the customer support area. These systems take a lot of manpower and do not let you the players vote on what we are going to work on.

    I am pleased to announce a system that we will be testing over the next few months. This system allows you to work collaboratively and vote on aspects of the game. I cannot promise you that we will be able to respond to all suggestions but hopefully this will help guide us in improving the game experience.

    In order to use this system you can enter in a game idea or suggestion, the system will check to see if it has already been entered and you will then be able to finish the suggestion or vote and or comment on suggestions that other players have made. You can also just log in and vote or comment on suggestions from other players.

    You can access the system at currently the default login is facebook, if you like you can also use the getsatisfaction log in and create your own account. This is not a replacement for customer service issues, and we will moderate out all issues that should be submitted to the current help system.

    Again this is a test of this system and we will monitor and evaulate this system over the next few months. Please go and play with the new system and tell us how you feel about it!

    Good Luck!

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