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Thread: $120 for 2400 Cents - I got ROBBED

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    It was false advertising (misinformation), therefore he will receive cents for notifying them that they are displaying false information.

    (my tew cents)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKX View Post
    ? I don't understand.
    He's saying that an hour ago, it was still display that you would get 2400 cents with the 120$ purchased in Evony purchasing page even though the deadline has passed.

    On another note, 2400 cents. O.O *imagining what I could do with it* failed at stars over and over again! yay! lol

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    It looks like there was a glitch on the purchase screen. We do have errors from time to time and its always our policy to honor our agreements. Sorry for any inconvenience from the delay. I'm closing this thread as your issue should be resolved and further discussion should take place with our CS team through the Help Center.

    Again, sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for playing!
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